Perry Graduates from Puppy Kindergarten

It was such a fun day and Mom and Dad decided to give me a special new treat for my graduation.  Since I’m not allowed to go to a steak house yet, Mom gave me some Z-Filets from Zuke’s that she got at the Food Show she went to a month ago. Boy, I sure loved them.  They are tasty and I wanted to eat the whole pack.  Mom especially liked them since they are high in protein and have few ingredients – Dad calls her the protein woman.

At Kindergarten today I was such a good dog and played nice with all my friends – Primrose, Oliver, Mochi, Fred, and Ginger.  I will miss them but hopefully I’ll get to see them in Puppy Kindergarten 2.   When I got home, I was so excited I needed to be tethered for a time out and I decided to show them.  I chewed through my brand new Aspen pet premier dog leash.  Mom was pretty upset at me and told me I better not chew through my 30 foot training leash she bought me.


I got another time out tonight so you know what I did when I was good and finally got out?  I decided to rip my bedding out of my crate and show them whose boss cause I’m the Puppy of the House!  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be good and get some more treats!

Old Man Perry has another day in Puppy Kindergarten

I go to puppy kindergarten and learn the commands in one or two tries and then I’m done – bored and want to move on to the next thing.  My Mom and Dad are really holding me back.  They are the ones who need kindergarten since they don’t know the commands very well and get easily confused.  I remember they had a cat named George so this is all new to them.  I really belong in college but I heard that may not be an option for me since it is a lot of money.

I did help clean this week by taking all the paper stuff outside and shredding it for Mom.  I made it look like snow in the back yard. They don’t think I saw them laughing at me but I know cause I’m a smart dog.

Dad was sick this week so I got to lounge with him and now I’m a bit spoiled and decided to whine when I go into my metal cage – hopefully they will take me out but  I heard they are on to me…

Perry “Cleans” the House

I overheard my Mom and Dad had argued about whether to get a “canine” before they brought me home.  My Mom had a “feline” named George before me who was basically an old man.  Dad had lots of dogs growing up and thought they were no problem, but of course he came from the “sticks” as one co-worker said where humans just put us in the back yard.

Little did my Dad know how challenging I would be to train, being the west-side dog that I am.  I’m in puppy kindergarten every week, I saw a”behaviorist” at the vet when I went for my shots, and even had a private session with a trainer – all to try to get me to “behave” whatever that means.  I do know how to sit, lay down and come but whether I do it or not depends on whether I’m in the mood or not.

Tonight when Mom got home I greeted her by running and getting the mop and dragging it across the floor to my bed and here I am gnawing on it – tastes almost as good as my bone.  I wonder what else is in the kitchen for me to “eat?”

From Home School to Puppy School

What a day, I don’t know if I should be doing flips or just lay my head down and sleep.

It all started as a normal day.  I start to stretch and make my usual noise around 5 right about the time Mom gets up and puts on my most favorite play toy, the white squishy things she puts on her feet.  Then Dad opens up my door and takes me out for a quick pee in the cold and then we go back inside to sleep another hour.

Then something odd happened and I was not pleased about it.  During breakfast  (which I did not get my full share…that is another story and believe me I was not happy) Dad was cooking something that smelled AMAZING.  I was so hungry and this smell was making me crazy – I later found out it is called bacon.

I was not fine without my usual food AND the smell of this new food so I started lounging toward my Dad’s feet and biting him.  That will teach him to starve me.

After a time out, he got the blue vest thingy he always puts on before we go out the side door.  I saw him put MY food in a little bag that I am not allowed to touch.  Then the blue leash came out (I call it the controller) and we were out the door and in the car.

When we were driving he mentioned that odd word with such passion, “today is your first day at puppy kindergarten”.  What is he talking?  Hey – I’m starving, you have me strapped into the controller and taking me to some strange place.

We finally get to the new place and I see another set of parental units with two very hyper dogs that run up to me.  Darn the controller will not allow me to get away.  They were all up in my business smelling me and just being in my personal space.  This puppy kindergarten doesn’t sound fun.  I don’t know if I like other dogs.  Mom says I’m shy but I just like being at home where I’m trying to be the King.

Next thing I know I am off the controller and 10 dogs of all sizes are running around, drooling and smelling.  The only good thing about this was I was getting lots of pets and attention from the humans.  I heard them saying I’m young and cute so of course I’m a magnet…but these fellow dogs do not impress me one bit.

Then all of a sudden I saw the clicker lady.  She came up to me and asked how I was doing.  “Not well right now clicker lady…I am hungry and want some food”.  Then came the understanding what kindergarten is all about.  Dad put out the mat and I had to sit on it with the controller back on.  For the next 30 minutes it was clicks, lay downs and the dreaded stay.  The only part that was good was the snacks.  Oh the snacks…remember the bacon – I finally got to have some so maybe this was going to be okay.

After about 15 minutes of the clicking and commands I was done – I am way too smart for this. However, the best thing of my morning happened.  During playtime all the other dogs were running wild I just hung out with the people.  As dad was standing there, one of the big dogs went behind him and  peed all over his leg.  Now that is what I call a beautiful first day of school.

Later that evening mom finally came home.  I heard she had gone to something called “The Natural Foods Expo.”  Not that I care about names, but she brought home some SNACKS and most of them were for me.  Mom told me we are going to start trying some of them since they were “healthy for me’ whatever that means.

Healthy or not, I’m tired and want to get some sleep.  Hopefully tomorrow will I will get my usual breakfast and no kindergarten.