What? Dreaming of Zero Calorie Brownies?

IMG_2914Mom and her new cool intern Liz were quite busy this past week and I wanted IN on all that was going on!  First they wrote this blog on zero calorie brownies. Of course I would be on board with dreaming about any type of food.

I love all food except carrots and I could care less about the caloric count.

Then they made THREE types of cookies from Mom’s gluten-free cookie book A Healthy Baker’s Dozen and of course NONE of them included my famous dog cookie.  I tried to get crumbs of the cranberry oatmeal, no bake chocolate and peanut butter cookies but Mom was quite vigilant in cleaning up and I did not score this time.

Counter surfing has been officially banned but I don’t subscribe to that as of now.  Since Liz is taller than me she was on to me but at least I got my loves, hugs and pets so I guess there is something to be said for that.

Things are heating up this holiday season but thank goodness I do not have to wear any crazy looking sweaters, coats or rain boots. However, they claim El Nino is coming so maybe I will need to get a raincoat and umbrella.

We have been working on a new project.  Mom is going to start doing some webinars for Motivational Interviewing to help people improve their skills. These skills work great especially for those who are in the health industry, counseling field or really any field that want to learn communication.

You should all check it out as the first one is free.  Give yourself a free gift this December and learn to use OARS as Mom calls it.  I’m not sure what that is but if you attend the webinar I’m sure you’ll find out.  Here’s the link for my peoples.

Well that is about it since I hear the refrigerator door opening and I believe it’s the cheese drawer so peace out people – I need to stop dreaming and start eating.

BTW – it was quite a warm 70 degrees today so no sweaters here yet!



I’m in Training to be a Service Dog

photoI’m not all that happy.  There are clothes and suitcases flying everywhere and the land of Perry is being disrupted.  Mom is going to a Menopause conference which does not sound fun AT ALL – who in the world would want to go to conference about ladies having hot flashes and gaining weight?  Somehow she’s excited about it since there are going to people from all over the world talking about Women’s Health.  I think she should go to a conference about Canine Health – right?

Remember it’s all about ME!!

Speaking of ME I was playing a little too hard with the puppies at daycare – they are my favorite since the older dogs are old stick in the muds, and got an owie on my underside.  Dad has been a bit concerned but I should be fine.  I am excited since I get to go to the country again for a few days while Mom is gone and run with the horses.  Santa Monica is fine but not enough land here for my long legs that need running and stretching.  I would be thrilled if I could run a marathon every day since that is what my legs were built for.

Dad says that’s not an option since I would cost him too much food.  He doesn’t ever let me run or walk as fast as I want to on our walks – I think he should learn to run like me but he says his legs were not built for it.  We all know who is the better species here, do we not?

I was happy I got to go the office a few times this week (remember I’m in “training” to be a service dog so one day I can go to work with Mom) and I actually got to help her put away her food for lunches in her little refrigerator.  I was VERY good and got to have my favorite treat – a few squares of cheese.  Remember that is one of my favorite foods besides peanut butter, pumpkin, broccoli, and apples.  I guess that’s why I have such a great physique – all that fresh healthy food.  I supposed I could eat processed food but then my coat wouldn’t shine and I wouldn’t be able to outsmart the parentals as much as I already do.

Anyway, although we had a LITTLE bit of rain this week, it is still a drought and of course a beautiful 68 degrees in Santa Monica.

Until next week people – Perry wishing you a Peaceful Spring!

My First Dinner Party

photoI am writing this with “I’m in the doghouse look on my face.” I will share with you what happened and do some explaining.

I knew things were heating up in the kitchen when Dad started on Thursday working with lots of pots and pans – you know we have a lot of those sorts of things around our house. The aroma was so wonderful and I sat patiently waiting for the occasional treat. This continued onto Friday and I knew something was up as Mom was also involved.

Saturday morning rolled around and I knew I needed to lay low as the table was set with fancy stuff and I heard that all of the hoopla was about a dinner party.

Oh no, were the parentals going to ship me out for the night? It would be a bummer if I could not patrol for the morsels, which might be accidentally dropped by the guest and filling up my perpetual hunger.

I “assisted” in the kitchen while Dad did his thing cooking and tasting.  He was cool even letting me have a treat here and there with not much training – I was in heaven!

Mom went to the Farmers Market at Virginia Park as usual but this time she came back with a GIANT box of large, organic strawberries.

Even I know you should eat organic strawberries as nonorganic strawberries have thin skins and are full of pesticides. For sure that is one fruit that is very important to eat organically.

OK, so the next thing that happened was apparently the start of a slippery slope of trouble.  Mom went to a business meeting, which just left Dad and I to our own devices.

Of course I was a barking storm because the neighbors just got a new dog and it was in my driveway.  So I am going to blame that dog Henry for my behavior.  Anyhow I was in a rage barking and Dad was trying to cook.  The guests were coming and it was crazy with the new canine in my territory.

I finally calmed down and was watching Dad wash 24 of the most beautiful strawberries.  They are my favorite and I usually get the stems but these huge berries grabbed my attention.  Dad was meticulously making them perfect because Mom was going to dip them in dark chocolate for the guests.  I heard her say they are high in phytochemicals whatever those are.  Of course Henry was back outside and I was not pleased, Dad went to the back of the house to get something and yep you guessed it:  I ate all 24 organic strawberries in a quick moment.  All the while Dad was praising me because I was no longer barking. “Good boy, Perry for not barking.” Little did he know I was chowing down…

When I saw his face I realized I better give myself a time out and headed for my crate.   When Mom got home I heard the Dad say, “You need to deal with your dog.”  I was in trouble and thought for sure I was not going to be part of the party.

I lucked out because I got to experience my first dinner party with people.

Of course the parentals had me on the “short leash” but I was still trying to be good.  Everyone loved me and said how beautiful and wonderful I was.  I tried to avoid Dad because if I was on his side of the table he would make me lie down.  Nonetheless, I was glad I had not been banished to my crate.

Finally, I just couldn’t contain myself when they brought out the cheese.  You know I have a little bit of a drooling problem. Well as everyone was talking about the cheeses I planted my drooling head right down on the table.  Apparently I looked like, The Walking Dead, a zombie of sorts and this made Dad shout crate.  I knew I had pushed my limits.

Fortunately I have forgiving parents and they let me out to say goodbye to our dinner guests.  I even put my paw out to shake when they left without anyone asking.

I did feel a little bad for my unruly behavior.  As Mom and Dad were washing up I thought I would pay Dad back for embarrassing me.  Gosh parents just seem to not realize that their actions can cause us kids to be embarrassed…so I completely dismantled the chair by moving the cushions around, laid down and said my peace.

Lots of love and healthy eats to you all!

I Just Can’t Help Myself

PPNOkay – I have a confession to make.  Peanut butter (high in monounsaturated fat  – the good kind) is probably my favorite food, only second to European cheese (high in omega 3’s).  And I will eat any treats given to me.  So it’s really quite natural that Paul Newman Peanut Butter Dog treats are my addiction.  And guess what?  My great Aunt Marjorie sent me not 1, not 2, or 3 or 4 but SIX bags of them for Christmas.  I could hardly contain myself.  It was party time in the Perry  house.

Now I just have to figure out how to get them whenever I want since they are stashed on top of the refrigerator.  I guess that’s the only place in the house I’m not tall enough to reach quite yet?