What am I Thankful for?

photoWell first of all I am very thankful that the 1000 Thanksgiving cards are DONE and out of the house.  Licking all those envelopes was a bit much, even for my oversized lips, and I fell asleep half way through as you can see.   More importantly, I can have the parentals all to myself again, since it was crazy with all of those cards…EVERYWHERE!

The weather has gotten really cold, even for Southern California, so I am thankful for my warm blankets since I have no hair, and for Mom and Dad’s patience at night with getting up and covering me when the covers come off.  Yes I know I am very spoiled!

I am thankful for the opportunity to stop on my walks and meet complete strangers young and old.  I feel it is important to give joy to everyone we meet.

I am grateful for friends and the people who take care of me.  If it was not for them I would drive my father even crazier then I already do.

I am grateful for my family members, as my pack of peoples who love me unconditionally.

And finally, I am thankful Turkey day is fast approaching, as I will get some I am sure and then I will be THANKFUL for Christmas, as I know my stocking will be filled with TREATS, and the new toys I deserve.

Happy Thanksgiving my peeps!

My Small Encounters

One thing Mom and Dad can’t believe is how much I LOVE children.  I forget I’m a puppy and just act docile and quiet when I’m around them.


This week Dad took me for a walk and we ran into a little boy who was shorter than me and he called me “horsey.”

Can you believe that?  I’m not a horse but I guess some little people think I am.

The big/small visitor I had this week was Grey.  He’s 5 months old so I’m not sure why he just chills in his chair.  At 2 months I was running all around the house – I guess that’s why dogs are more advanced than humans.