My Own Video Shoot

photoThus far it has been an excellent weekend. I am carefree and just being able to hang out and relax. Now of course the parental units are working away as usual so I am trying to be on my bestest behavior. Of course we will see how long that lasts.

Anywho…I got a wonderful surprise this morning when I saw Dad getting out all his camera equipment. That usually means it will be a photo shoot and I will get to be part of the activities. Plus if I get bored or do not approve I can cause havoc and that makes him spin out which is always a pleasure to watch.

Then all of a sudden I heard him ask if I was going to be a good Punky and be helpful.

What? I am going to be the talent?

It gets EVEN better since he was shooting product and it was MY FAVORITE PEOPLE, Peanut Butter! Did you hear me? Peanut Butter and a great organic one at that – Koeze’s Sweet Ella Organic Peanut Butter – Mom’s favorite! Normally I’m not allowed to eat that one unless I’m good and she gives me a lick.

photo-2You can tell I have grown up because I followed Dad’s commands and did not take the jar away to eat in privacy. It did take a long time on the set but I was patient because I was not having a spoon full – I had an entire jar just for me. I was in Peanut Butter heaven.

Then after shooting I just wanted to chill because it is really hot here in Southern California. Todays temp in Santa Monica is 83 degrees and rising.

OK, so there you have it for Perry check in.

Be safe, stay out of trouble or at least do not get caught. Apparently I always get caught but I still know I am loved.

Peace out People!

Peanut Butter Punky

I’m the Star of Dad’s New Movie

Hey we know I am a Star, but boy it is hard work.

It is odd that Dad and I may be cruising down the street in the car and people are calling for me to turn so they can take my photo.  I thought driving and using your cell phone was illegal?

photoBut on to what’s really going on.  Dad has a school project and needs to make a short video using thousands of pictures.  It’s really a hard job, but as always I am up for the task.  However, this was a little more complicated than I initially realized.

First we picked up uncle Andrew and then headed out for the photo shoot. They really worked me.  I had to wait for food and treats.  They even made me get in the cage a few times with that camera thing clicking away in my face for close to 5 hours!  Dad said I was lucky that I did not have to edit and do all the post work too.  Who’s he kidding?  I will have to be on my best behavior while he is working on this project or else I will get the time outs.

Doesn’t he know I am union and should have Kraft services at my disposal?  Maybe this will be a good video for Mom’s promotional stuff.

On that better note the house has been full of great smells.  Mom has been baking up a storm for her new gluten-free cookie book.  It sounds pretty scientific but I don’t care since she has even made me some cookies.  And I LOVE them!  I wanted the chocolate ones but she said that was bad for me so I got the peanut butter pumpkin ones which were really quite yummy.

photo-1On our morning walk today we ran into a couple who informed Dad that their 12-year-old Weimaraner still cruised counter tops, acted like a puppy and ruled the house.  Rats, they took the element of surprise out of my plan.  Cuz I am the dog and rule the house.

Later today I went to visit my lady friend, Viva, who lives in the Palisades and boy is she a looker.  I irritated dad because he could not get a photo of us.  Since this is just a casual thing and not a prom I didn’t think it needed to be posted anywhere on the web.  I want to keep my options open.

OK, I am wiped out by these Memorial Day weekend events.  The parental units work tomorrow so I guess I will be having a holiday all by myself.

Peace out Peeps!

Mom and Dad Need a Vacation from ME?

Mom and Dad both had a lot of clients this week and they did not want to leave me in the cage so I lucked out and got to go to day care again at FitDogSports.  I overheard them both saying they felt like it was a vacation for a few hours without me so I guess I tend to be a bit much sometimes – yah, right, whatever.

When I got home, Dad was talking to Grandma Dopart about making a recipe so I jumped up and grabbed the pot holders since I wanted to help out with the cooking.  Dad was not happy about that so Mom distracted me with a snack – peanut butter.  I LOVE licking it off the spoon.  Hopefully I’ll get some again tomorrow.

Apparently my Aunt Victoria who I’m going to be staying with for a few weeks got a haircut.  Thank goodness I don’t need a haircut since I don’t have time to go to the salon since I’m too busy terrorizing everyone.  AND who needs a “shampoo and set” anyway?