A Dog and his Boy

IMG_3336Hello People!

I am pretty tired as I just got back from a long visit at my camp in the country. The parental’s were out and about trying to  impact the world with wisdom about gluten and to speak with relevance to others using Motivational Interviewing.  We all know what happens to me if I eat even a smidgen of gluten – so I’m all about spreading the word about gluten sensitivity.

Mom was speaking to the Intertribal WIC of Arizona and at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach. Both groups help women who have diabetes and they want to learn how to truly help others with behavior change. The parentals are always trying to change my walking habits so I don’t pull the leash but I don’t think Motivational Interviewing will help me change my mind about pulling – that is something us Weims just do to annoy our owners.

The weather has been great, a little windy, with the sun out. I have been resting a lot as you can tell by the picture. I am so big and take up the chair that he has to lay on me. It’s a bit crowded but I do like the snuggles.

Till next week’s adventures!



I’m Sooo Hungry AND I’m the Biggest in the Litter

I’ve gained 10 pounds in 4 weeks and doubled in size since I came to my new home.  Mom was concerned and called my first Mom to ask about my voracious appetite.

And can you believe it?  I was the runt and now I’m the largest of all my brothers and sisters – just look at my paws!  I had a BIG weekend driving 4 hours to San Luis Obispo and back with Dad and Andrew.  Mom tried to tire me out when I got home but I overheard her and Dad saying what a pistol I am.  After a while I finally settled down for a long winter’s nap…..