Back to the Grind!

photoHello People!

Well I survived another week and we are all getting back into the groove of life.  I am missing my vacation, but enjoying all my kitchen time with the parentals as they are working on food and recipes.  I can tell the holidays are in the air because I smell all the good spices.

As always, I am ready for a snack.  Dad was trying a new recipe today for a Thanksgiving blog and I got a treat…you see an egg rolled on to the ground and I was there right away.  Of course my new nickname is Rocky Balboa and I have no idea what that is about.

photo-2Any who, Mom spoke again last week for LA Best Babies on Motivational Interviewing and Dad was finishing up pictures for our gluten free cookie book.  I just like to hang out, and when I think Dad needs a break I start barking to look for PITA and that just makes him crazy.  Let’s just say it gets his attention.

OK, I am tired and need to get going to eat my cooling diet…yep due to my poor immune system I get raw turkey, broccoli and my high in protein dog food called Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea Recipe.  It sure does make me happy.


I’m Tired and I Don’t want to go Outside

I’m tired at night and it’s cold and I don’t want to go outside to go potty so I try to stay on the chair as long as possible before Mom or Dad forces me to get up.

I try to delay halfway down the hall and lay on my back so someone will pet me, feel sorry for me and hopefully sneak back to the chair.  It works only part of the time.




The parental units are a bit distracted right now as it is their wedding anniversary tonight so hopefully I’ll get to stay in the chair longer than usual.  I may need the rest for all the Thanksgiving food I plan to steal over the next few days….

I’m Just trying to get my Vitamin C

Mom and Dad were intently discussing business tonight and I decided I needed more attention so what better way to get it?  Steal the 5 pound big yellow football on the kitchen counter.  I have been eyeing it since it came on Wednesday from Mom’s friend Ben who delivers yummy produce from Santa Barbara called Hello Harvest.

Boy was it fun running the ball!  Of course Dad had to take my picture and a video.  My favorite part was jumping over the sofa with it in my mouth.  Not sure what the big deal was.  Mom calls it a melon and says it is good for you since it  has lots of vitamin C.  She can’t believe I can carry the whole 5 pounds in my mouth without a problem.  I don’t even know my own strength!