A Rocky Start to my Vacation

photo-2Lately things have been very hectic around this house (what else is new?) My life has been slowly disrupted over this last week.  First Dad gets out the parental’s suitcases and then he started getting my stuff together.  I do not like having my bedding, toys and blankets messed with PEOPLE.  And he just does it so sneaky, which makes me even crazier!

Anyway this morning I was a bit on edge.  I just stuck to Dad like Velcro and there was nothing he could do where I was not following him around like a tail (anymore than I usually do.)  We finally finished loading up the car and we were ready to go but I was not exactly sure where (???)

The long drive in the car with all of my stuff made me a little cramped.  It was not too much of a problem since I just laid all over the front seat and when things got boring I stretched my legs out into the not so happy Dad’s lap.

photoI was getting a little antsy when we turned off the freeway in Santa Barbara.  What!  I think I saw Grandma and Grandpa’s B’s truck and that got me really excited.  Forget Dad! I was going to the country to hang out with all the fresh smells and friends.

We pulled up and Dad was trying to get me to work on my car etiquette.  I was not having any of that.  What was he thinking…training at a fun time like this – NO WAY!

As Grandpa was loading up the truck with my stuff Dad was trying to help.  Grandma thought it would be best to help take care of me.  Well I was so excited to be with her I forgot my own strength and ran off.  I was a “bad Punky” as Dad says because I pulled Grandma down to the ground and she got a hurtie.

I really felt horrible but I was just so excited.  Needless to say we finished up and I left with the Grand-units so I must not be in too much trouble.  We did stop for gas in Nipomo and I had some young fans want to come up and give me the attentions and affections I deserve.

We finally got home to SLO where I just love the yard, air and being spoiled rotten.  Hopefully the parental units have a good conference because I need a break from them.  I’ll be away for 2 weeks so not sure about updates.

Catch you later since I’ll be hanging out in the fresh air away from LA!

Chaos Is My Middle Name

photoAgain Mom had one of her trainings in Motivational Interviewing for LA Best Babies this last Friday.  I was bummed out because I was not able to be the greeter, as we all know I do flawlessly.  I ended up spending the day at The Wags Club.

But that is not the half of this week’s plight people!

Here’s the rundown:  on Thursday night we were all getting ready for bed.  I am growing up so after I go outside to do my nightly business I come back in and hang out in the living room.  The parentals no longer tell me to get in my bed.  Really what happens is they go to bed and shut off the lights.  I get scared and come into the room and crawl into my bed all by myself.

Well you will not believe what happened!  Mom was washing her face and Dad and I were almost asleep.  Mom came into the room and woke Dad up saying someone was trying to get in the front door.   Of course curmudgeon Dad responds with no worries – the alarm is on.  Then all of a sudden there was a loud noise.  I was not having that and ran out of the room with Dad in tow.

Dad looked out the window and can you believe who was there?  CHRISTMAS KITTY!  I cannot believe that thing was back and I was not happy because Dad felt sorry for the flea infested thing and went outside to feed it.  I went crazy and am still upset with him.

Upset to the point I was holding a grudge and knew I had to pay him back.  We all know that it is getting darker earlier as the season changes.  We really do not have seasonal changes in LA, but during the wintertime I get up earlier and this morning was no exception.  Of course Dad likes to have Mom have a chance to sleep in a little bit.  But not this morning…

Squeaky squirrel was outside my bedroom window squeaking away.  I had to get outside and so I faked Dad out.  Got outside and he ran to the trees, and next thing you know I am barking full force at 6:30 AM Sunday…why you ask?  Two reasons, the squirrel instigated it and all people need to be on my time!

Low and behold the day of rest turned into a fiasco!  Next the dog from down the street got all in my front yard, which caused me to freak out.  Then Dad is outside once again trying to save another animal.  Then he brings Kojo into the backyard but I was not having any of this.  I was barking, Mom was trying to sleep and Dad was attempting to be a humanitarian.  Needless to say Mom got up and was outside in her PJ’s helping Dad since I had poor “play date behavior.”

Yep – you guessed it.  I got a big “time out,” but right now I am doing pretty good.  Mom is making more cookies for the gluten-free cookbook so that makes everything better, especially since I get to eat all the crumbs that fall on the floor.  I’m excited since my dog cookie is due to be made next weekend so stay tuned!

I’m a Motivational Interviewing Greeter

photo-1Hello my name is Perry!

That’s right folks – I am now officially a greeter.  Though I did not get a cool vest like the greeters at Wal-Mart, I am still greeting.

Mom had a Motivational Interviewing workshop at our office yesterday and I got to welcome all the participants.  Of course I was on my bestest behavior the entire time.  I know how to have on my game face and etiquette.

I know this because when I am being polite, people compliment me on how regal and mellow I am.  Then I look at the parentals, who secretly give each other an eye roll and just laugh.  Remember, I am a show dog but at home I let my hair down.

Anyway- after the meet and greet Dad took me to the Wags because he was making the food for the meeting.  No matter how I tried to give him the sad eyes he would not let me stay home.  I am good in the kitchen and my counter surfing is getting better.  However, when Dad catches me trying to counter surf it is not his inside voice and I know I am in trouble.  I did steal a whole cube of butter last week so now that is never left out.

The rest of my week was pretty chill.  My “friend,” the squeaky squirrel, is still getting on my last nerve.  He gets me into trouble most days.  He waits in the trees on the branches and chirps at me when he wants me to bark.  Of course his favorite time to play is 6 am.  Dad just goes crazy so maybe I should put him in the crate so I can terrorize the neighborhood with my booming voice.

The best news…Christmas Kitty has not been back and that folks is a Christmas miracle.

OK, have to take a little catnap so bye for now.


Christmas Kitty…I think not!

photo-1So I have been hearing Dad ramble incessantly about the fact that I am the last and only animal he will have.  Well duh…of course because I am just the perfect canine and there could be no other…

OK, back to our story.  Dad recently confessed that the only other animal he would consider would be if an orange, short hair kitty showed up at Christmas.  Like Santa is going to bring a cat that specific? Well a few months back we almost had a fright.

Dad found this little toothless kitty in the front yard.  Of course he just could not help himself and gave the thing a can of tuna…WHAT!

I have yet to have a whole can of tuna to myself.  It did not show up for a few weeks and I thought we were safe.  Then, a couple of weeks ago Dad heard it again and of course had to make me crazy by once again giving it food.

He started calling it “ The Christmas Kitty” and I panicked but it went away.

Then last week that Christmas nightmare came back, and was all up in Dad’s Kool-Aid.  It was throwing itself at Dad and I was not happy about it.

I was pacing and trying to pull the blinds off the windows.  “HE IS MY DAD, YOU HAIR BALL OF A MESS”.  It was not good people.

Well, Mr. Christmas Kitty decided to hang out in the driveway – just licking himself and I was not happy – this is my property, my parents and my house.

Mom eventually got home and I felt safe.  Of course she would not take my side and make the Christmas enemy go away.  Dad then called her outside and shut the door.  I immediately ran and slammed my face through the blinds and saw that Mr. Kitty was in the neighbors yard.  Can you believe it started rubbing up against Mom and she actually liked it!

Oh no!  Christmas is here to stay and I feel like I got some coal.

Low and behold Dad thought it would be brilliant to bring me out to see Christmas Kitty.  HA! I showed all of them who is in control and started having a barking fit and tried to chase that hairball away.  Christmas hissed, and I chased it while the parentals were in tow yelling at me.

I told them I would fix it right and that I did.  Christmas won’t be sauntering around my territory again.  I am sure I scared it all the way to the North Pole.  Merry Christmas Kitty and Happy New Year away from Santa Monica.

Happy Independence People

IMG-20130630-01127A lot has been going on, and as usual the Dopart-Batchelor house is never a dull moment.  Mom finished teaching two Motivational Interviewing trainings at the new office.  It was cool since Dad brought me for the first few minutes to say hello to the participants.  Seems like Mom is busy this summer with lots speaking engagements.

I on the other hand have been busy with my doctor’s appointments.  I got bitten at daycare by one of my fellow canines and my neck is all red and swollen and is not getting better.  So I just keep taking my medicine and getting rest.  However, I have too many things to do and my summer calendar is full so I hope it heals soon.  I really want to have time to see my cousin Maggie.

Last night Santa Monica did their fireworks and it was pretty scary.  I was nervous and had a little panic attack.  Those things are too loud and make too much noise.   Dad could not believe that I had such a reaction because he says I am a gun dog.  Don’t know what that means since I avoid guns at all cost.

Next weekend I am going with Dad up to the grand-units in SLO.  My aunt Wendy and her boys are coming so we are all going to play together.  It should be a blast since I do love the little people.  Mom is staying home to do her work since I tend to be a bit distracting.

OK, I need to try and cool down.  We are having a little bit of a heat wave.  Stay cool people and out of trouble.

Summer Solstice and Chasing my tail…

photoI have been getting in a little trouble lately.  You see there is this young squirrel and birds in the back yard that taunt me and make me crazy.  The squirrel runs back and forth on the fence, jumping from tree to tree and it makes me a barking mess.

Then those baby birds dive bomb me and really get me going.  So you know I have been really learning the word CRATE.  A dog has to protect the house, but I guess I make too much noise doing it.  I make such a racket that people are avoiding walking in the front of our yard to prevent my protective meltdowns.  Only if they knew my real self  – that I am a huge teddy bear and if someone actually came in the house I would lick their face.

As with all our weeks things just keep getting busier.  I always know things are crazy when I spend more time at my new favorite hangout The Wags.  It is a pretty cool place but we are outside and it does get more than hot.

Mom has been preparing for all of her speaking things.  She is conducting 5 Motivational Speaking trainings over the next 2 months.  Wow!  We are getting the office ready for 2 this week and the other 3 are for the government.   Maybe one day I can go to the White House.

Dad has been working pretty often with his clients in Hollywood.  Even though he was busy shopping in Beverly Hills for one of his clients, he stopped at Sprinkles and got me my very own doggie cupcake.  Can you believe how small it was? I was in heaven since it was so delicious!  Mom said I should have eaten it more mindfully since it was rather expensive but I told her it was only half a bite for me so why bother?

My foot owie is better but I know have some problem growths on my neck so I will need to go back to see Dr. Palmquist.  I so like him but it would be nice to be all better.

OK – this blog is too long and I have to get going and patrol the yard.  I don’t want that squirrel or his bird friends to take it over.


Vacations Over and It’s Back to the Grind

photoI know, I know it has been a long time since I have graced your presence.  This time it’s the parental units’ fault – THEY went to an International Conference on Diabetes in Paris.  I was left, thank goodness in Los Angeles.  Can you imagine me on a plane for 11 hours?  Ouch!  That would definitely cramp my stretching needs.

Apparently Mom learned a lot of new things to help her patients but I don’t care all that much that – she should be going to Dog Conferences since my needs are way more important!

Anyway – while they were gone I got to play with some new friends and go on lots of walks which was pretty cool. But I was very happy to see them make it home.

Apparently I’m not being as good as when they left since I overheard Dad keep saying this is how it must be when kids come back from the grandparent’s house.  Let me tell you they have been on my case to practice all of my sits, stays and lay downs.  They have been way too “military” with me.  If I wanted to be like that I would have enrolled in the Marines.

Life around here has returned to busy with the units working all the time, school and people coming in and out…and that’s why I love the Dopart-Batchelor house.  It’s never a dull moment!

My New Favorite Toy

photo-1I don’t talk all that much so I was thrilled when Mom got me a talking toy.  Yes, you heard that right.  It’s called a “Babble Ball.”  The funny thing is Mom did not even know it talked till it she brought it home.

She just thought she was getting some cool blue ball for me.  Boy, was she surprised!!

It’s says all kinds of fun things – like “you’re looking nice big doggy,” “oh you got me,”  “hey what are you doing,” and “oh lucky dog.”

Dad says the voice reminds him of  Cousin Itt on some show he used to watch called The Adam’s Family.

I’m just having fun making it talk and irritating the parental units…and this time they were the ones who started it in the first place.  Boy, are they naive!

Chillin’ waiting for my Friends

work, dogs, perry, scotch, Centinela Feed, daycare, playing, resting,weimaranerAs a typical day goes, I have to be at what my Dad calls “the days” which is doggie day camp at Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies.

My friend Wendy Rios took this awesome picture of me – don’t I look handsome?  Things have been as usual busy around the house.

Dad is creating recipes for the new cookbook which I’m pleased about since I get some extra scooby snacks.

It was pretty exciting last night as I was going out to do my business before bed and out of the corner of my eyes I saw something saunter across the back yard and instantly I flew off the front porch and had IT’S tail in my mouth.

Mom and Dad were screaming “drop it” as I was running around trying to catch it.  It ran into the bushes and Dad was trying to pull my tail as I was trying to pull what they called the possum’s tail.  It was beyond thrilling – and that’s why it’s never a dull moment in the Dopart/Batchelor household.

I’m Just Trying to be Helpful

IIMG_3105t’s been raining here more than I like.  I know we need the rain and I admit I love water but it makes the yard muddy and since I don’t have all that much fur getting wet makes me cold.  We know I don’t like the cold and avoid it at all costs.  Dad was trying to clean up in the yard so I decided it was time for me to pull my weight (all 80 pounds) so I followed him around trying to be helpful but I was a little disruptive and Dad put the lease on me.  It was okay since we got to play a little bit.

photoLater I thought I would save him time and check his email for him.  Since I don’t know how to type it was challenging but checking counts, right?  Things have finally calmed down but I have yet to be invited to the new office but I may get to make my debut next week.  I’m told I have to “behave” as if that counts.  Slowly I am learning how to be a civilized dog – I do drop things when I’m cornered, I did bring the mail to Dad yesterday when he asked me to, and today when Dad left to go to work I went in the crate all by MYSELF without having to be told to – imagine that?  I may turn out to be a good dog after all…