Puppy Play for the Holidays

IMG-20121209-00850Hello out there!  Hope you are all enjoying your holidays because apparently I am going to get coal in my stocking.  What on earth is Dad talking about?  I just hope it is hard and I can chew on it.  This all started a few days ago when I was absolutely doing nothing.  I mean it is not my fault they left their bedroom door open a little.  You know I can open doors.  I love to take a running start and just power punch the door open.  It is one of my favorites.

Well I did this and had free range of their room.  Oh how I love the fluffy bed and pillows.  It’s like an obstacle course in there.  They have this cool rug and I just had this compulsion to start to dig at it.  Boy you would have though I had eaten a hole in the wall.  I mean I think I added some stringing texture to that thing.  Dad seemed less than impressed and said he needed a time out from me. Can you believe that?

Then later I was chasing after that PITA of a squirrel and came galloping back into the house sharing that I had chased him out of the yard.  It has been raining down here and the yard was muddy.  I love water and mud!  I think it’s in my bones since I got really excited and like I said came barreling through the house barking and running.  I forgot to wipe my feet and just tracked in a little of the mud.   Dad seems to only want a clean floor – I guess he did not think about that when he decided to get a Weimaraner now, did he?

On another note I am now 11 months old and weigh 80 pounds.  I am loving life and feel blessed by my land of beds so I must be doing something right.

I got a New Bone and Now I’m Away

IMG-20121128-00837Mom’s friend and my Auntie Stacey got me this cool new bone.  It’s much better than the other ones and Mom was happy since it kept me busy for hours which is a hard thing to do now that I’m almost 11 months old.  Can you believe I’ll be 1 year old soon?  I think I’m supposed to have a birthday party and get presents.  More bones would be good if you can send those.

Otherwise a visit will do since I like just about everyone, except for squirrels and crows.  They seem to always taunt me in the back yard.  There’s this one squirrel who likes to run back and forth on the top of the fence and yell at me, which is really annoying.  It must have really annoyed Dad since I had to get in the plants to try and get the squirrel and he used his outside voice to get me out of the plants.

Mom’s new office is almost done.  She and Dad were so busy putting it all together this weekend they let me go to Lori’s house so I would get way more attention.  I love being with Lori since I get to be the “working dog” that I was bred to be.  Home in a few days and maybe I’ll get to see the new office but only if I behave.  Not sure I am capable of that quite yet…

I’m Tired and I Don’t want to go Outside

I’m tired at night and it’s cold and I don’t want to go outside to go potty so I try to stay on the chair as long as possible before Mom or Dad forces me to get up.

I try to delay halfway down the hall and lay on my back so someone will pet me, feel sorry for me and hopefully sneak back to the chair.  It works only part of the time.




The parental units are a bit distracted right now as it is their wedding anniversary tonight so hopefully I’ll get to stay in the chair longer than usual.  I may need the rest for all the Thanksgiving food I plan to steal over the next few days….

Perry Proof

Both Mom and Dad worked today so I got to go to daycare again – do you see a theme here?  It might be my life for the next 2 weeks till Mom moves into her new office.

All the bottles at day care that help keep everyone clean and fresh have some strange writing on them that has something to do with me.  I’m not sure why but maybe because I love to steal them and make everyone run after me – that IS my favorite past time.  You should see these humans running after me when I steal something – maybe that’s why they call it the “human race?”

My routine has been disrupted and I’m cold

I’m sorry I have not kept in touch with all of you.  Mom has been at conferences and she said all her energy is spent taking care of me when I’m home so I decided to take a nap this afternoon so she could keep in touch and write for me.

Wow things are crazy right now.  I do not know if they are coming or going.  This office stuff sure is putting a cramp in my run of the house.  There is furniture, lamps and pillows everywhere.  I do love the pillows as on occasion I get a hold of one and tear through the house.  Boy does that get Dad’s boxers in a bunch!  Remember pay back is a pleasure.

Also, it’s been cold here.  I do not like to go outside at all especially in the mornings – unless I am going for a walk.  The parental units do not like this thing called daylight savings?  My normal time for getting up was around 7 AM and now I am wide awake at 6 ready to GO.  Dad has been talking me on long morning walks and I really like it but he’s not all that happy that it is earlier than usual – he likes his sleep-in’s.

Anyway, since it’s been cold I was a little upset that they did not give me the fancy comforter, which is really soft and smells of birds…so I decided to pull the entire thing into my cage and make a bed.  That did not sit well with Dad…but I loved every minute of my playtime. I had a time out while he had to clean up all the feathers – maybe next time I’ll have more fun with it since I am a bird dog after all.

I’ve been High Maintenance and Sulky

Mom went away this past weekend to speak to a bunch of  people and left Dad and I to fend for ourselves.  I did NOT like my routine disrupted.  I was not all that nice to Dad and kept looking for Mom to come home, but it took her a full 2 days.  She was tired when she arrived back but I did not care – I ran all around and wanted her to play with me – that will teach her to leave me.

Look at my new spot on the chair.  It does not make Dad happy that I am not staying on the sheet but I like the view from this elevation and it just annoys him which is my lot in life.

I’ve heard rumors Mom might go to a diabetes conference AGAIN this weekend and Dad might go with her.  The upside is I get to play with other dogs which might be more interesting since Mom and Dad get boring after a while.  I’ll report back later and let my peeps know – I’ve heard I have a following so I have to keep it up, right?

I have a New Friend

Mom and Dad have to leave me in 2 weeks since Mom has to speak to a conference.  Not sure why people would want to hear her speak about exercise and pregnancy but maybe that’s important??

No one has to tell me to get exercise since I love to do that all day long!

Anyway, a nice lady named Lori from 4 Animal Magnetism came to meet me today who is going to watch me, and she is the teacher lady!  I got excited when she came in and she was all over me to make me mind – oh no.  Someone is on to me.

Anyway, I liked her a lot.  She has other dogs I can play with so I’ll get LOTS of exercise then.  Maybe Mom’s patients who need to exercise should take a hint from me…

My Report Card

Last week was really fun.  I got to go to Doggie Day Camp a few extra days since Dad was really busy with getting Mom’s new office lease together.  I love the nice lady Francine who works there – she’s my side kick and helps keep me focused.

I guess I have to behave better since Dad got special permission for me to be at Mom’s new office, since after all,  I am supposed to be a service dog.  I do know how to wait at the door before going out.  I’m much better at coming when I’m called – especially if there is a treat involved.  My current favorite treat is Paul Newman’s Salmon and Sweet Potato.  Mom always gets me to come in if I get home of those.

I am really good when Dad gives me a bath.  I like going in my crate at night, and Mom covers me up with a blanket since I get really cold.  After all, I don’t have one of those high maintenance coats to keep me warm.  I guess that’s why I need so much exercise.  Good thing I don’t live in New York….

I’m Just trying to get my Vitamin C

Mom and Dad were intently discussing business tonight and I decided I needed more attention so what better way to get it?  Steal the 5 pound big yellow football on the kitchen counter.  I have been eyeing it since it came on Wednesday from Mom’s friend Ben who delivers yummy produce from Santa Barbara called Hello Harvest.

Boy was it fun running the ball!  Of course Dad had to take my picture and a video.  My favorite part was jumping over the sofa with it in my mouth.  Not sure what the big deal was.  Mom calls it a melon and says it is good for you since it  has lots of vitamin C.  She can’t believe I can carry the whole 5 pounds in my mouth without a problem.  I don’t even know my own strength!

I don’t really “drop it”

I’m supposed to “drop” whatever I have in my mouth when my parents say “drop it’ but I’m really not very good at it, unless I want to.  Dad has worked with me for hours on this but somehow it hasn’t really clicked in yet.

Auntie Chris and Audrey came over last night and fawned all over me – I loved it!  They even took a picture of me here and sent it to Mom – don’t I look handsome?  I still have not quite figured out why I need to wear the lease inside – something about that training they are still trying to do…