Merry Christmas People…

photo-3Tis the season to be Jolly – at least that is what I am hearing lately.  I find it a season of good treats and extra pets.  As with all of my weekly adventures, Mom and Dad have kept me busy and out in public, which I LOVE.

We had an important meeting with a top couture designer in Santa Monica, Hanna Hartnell, who made Mom’s wedding dress and is now making warm clothes for all breeds of dogs, large and small.  Since I am big and am cold a lot of the time I was am the perfect candidate to try to model her new line for dogs.  You know I honed in my modeling skills with the Gluten-free cookie book, A Healthy Baker’s Dozen.

On the way to our appointment, I had to be on my best behavior as we walked through Fred Segal and every one of course checked me out and you all know how much I love that.  My favorite part was when a little fan wanted to give me some love.  I was very good and just let the little girl pull on my ears and play with my short tail.

photo-4Then we met with the designer lady, Hanna and she was of so nice.  She is used to dogs since she has her own named Biscuit who she calls the butler since he shows everyone into her studio.

She has some very tasty treats and as you all know I love good treats.  We tried on a lot of outfits in a variety of colors and patterns and it was pretty cool.  Of course I love making Dad on edge and kept him on his toes.  Here I am showing off the cool velvet neck on each one.  I decided I liked the red one the best and it had a cool green neck to match!

photo-2At the end of the day I was polite and did my best.  Remember Santa is coming in a few short days!  I’m excited since Hanna is making me something warm for my stocking so hopefully I won’t have to wake up the parentals in the middle of the night to cover me up.

OK, I need to get going.  Wishing all of you a wonderful and safe Christmas!

SLO Does Not Slow Me Down

IMG_7742Sorry I’ve been gone 2 weeks but my social calendar is packed.  Last weekend we visited my Aunt Wendy and her family who were up in SLO.

So after my doctor’s appointment, which took forever with my endless issues, Dad and I hit the road.  Mom decided to give us guys “male bonding” time while she finished up her projects.  I’m still not sure all of what she does but she is gone a lot.

Dad was happy since I slept most of the way but as soon as we hit the Grand Units Street I started getting excited.  I heard my Mom used to do this before she went to see her grandparents.

I was happily greeted with 4 new playmates.  I could not keep track of them, but 2 of them they call twins I really liked since they were the same height as me and I can look them eye-to-eye.  It was really cool having a human at my height.

The only part that wasn’t so cool was when I tried to go out the door and the one called Mateo got up in my grill with his hand in my face telling me, “stay Perry, stay.”

Of course that made me frustrated but I listened.  The coolest part was when he was not guarding the door I got out.  It made Dad crazy since I’m not great on my “recall” as he says and love to gallop around flaunting my freedom.  I did get into a little trouble with running away since there are no fences and I love to run all over the place and check in on the neighbors.

There’s so much to see with all the horses, cows and trails and I am after all a nature enthusiast.  Dad just needs to realize when I am out of the city I like to run wild.

photoThe fun did not stop.  I could not help myself, as I was involved with all the activities.  I especially loved Popsicle time, and licking up those drips.  No worries since Grandma made homemade ones without all that bad high fructose corn syrup.

The best part of the weekend was when we all headed out to the swings and slide.  I wanted to be one of the kids, but Dad was micro-managing my moves.  He is too old and apparently does not know how to have fun like me.

After an amazing weekend it was time to get going home.  I was sad but glad we were going to see Mom.  I do miss how she gives me ear rubs and lies on the floor with me for pets before I go to sleep.

Until the next adventure…Peace

Grandparents weekend was Fun!

IMG-20130602-01086I was so happy to have more people in the house – remember the more peeps the better since I get much more attention and the parental units get a little boring, I must admit.

Unfortunately I did get into a little trouble, as I was just so excited to see my Grandma and Grandpa B.  Remember I’m only 17 months old now so I don’t have to act like an adult canine for at least another 7 months.

I kept the parental units up half the night and even tried to trick them a few times by pretending to need to go outside to the bathroom only to try and open the door to where Grandma and Grandpa B were sleeping.  I even tried to sleep under Grandma and Grandpa’s bed, but Mom was not going for that and had to drag me out a couple of times.

We went on a few walks, and ate really good food, since Dad is a good cook in case none of you knew that – I think he’s doing recipes for a new book with something called “one pot meals.”    I don’t care about that since all I wanted was more of those special treats Grandma brought me from Prescription Diet.  They were special since Grandma’s dog Aunt Victoria liked them so I wanted to remember her by eating as many as I could.

I am going to be sad when they leave but I heard Mom and Dad talk about meeting Uncle Pat and Aunt Dianne in San Luis Obispo for a visit.  That means I get to hang out with cousin Maggie AND Grandma.   Mom said I was infatuated with them.  Hey they spoil me and it makes Dad crazy but who cares I am getting more attention and affections than usual.

The sore on my foot seems to be getting worse as I am constantly told to stop licking it.  I have another appointment to see Dr. Palmquist at Centinela Animal Hospital next Friday to see if it is going to be OK or if I am going to require surgery.  Such a dog’s life.

OK, catch you on the other side of the doghouse.