“Naked” Food?

photoMom went to the Natural Foods Expo West last week and got lots of treats for Dad and finally I got to try one of MY treats.  It’s called “I and love and you” dog food.

What an odd name but all I have to say is I LOVE IT!

It says it’s nude food since it has no additives, preservatives, and the one I tasted was made from grass-fed meat, something Mom is always talking about so I guess now I know why she likes it!  She also told Dad it has no GMO’s whatever that means.

They let me have a free go at it and then took it away – so NOT fair!   I even sat and waited patiently hoping they would notice how good I was being.  Finally Mom noticed gave me some extra since I had already had my dinner.  Why not more?  I can always eat since I’m a foodie.

After all,  I don’t write this healthy eating puppy blog for nothing!  I’m always up for a snack and since Mom only lets me eat healthy treats and food I’m happy when I find one that really suits my fancy and this one sure fit the bill.

Maybe I’ll get to try another of the new treats tomorrow since after all, it is St. Patrick’s Day.  I think I’m too big to go to Aunt Chris’ party this year since I’m about 60 pounds more than last year but maybe Auntie Chris will send some scoobie snacks home for me.

Christmas Gifts and Cookies!

IMG-20121222-00871I think I’m really liking this season called Christmas.  First Auntie Chris came to visit me on Friday – she let me lick her face, she played with me and even stayed to tuck me in at night.  I was so sad to see her leave I tried to delay bedtime, but it did not work.

This Christmas thing is pretty cool- you get free gifts like the one Grandma and Grandpa D and Auntie Amy.  They sent me this cool dish portable water bowl I can take with me on trips – I knew it was mine when it came and snagged it off the table along with the bone and here I am enjoying my gift all by myself.

Did I mention the snacks?  Dad likes to call them scooby snacks but I don’t care what they are called just as long as I can have some.  This weekend the parental units have been in the kitchen making food.  And I found out when Mom makes cookies I am just FIXATED on her and the possibilities of some falling on the floor.  The smell of the cookies makes my heart sing!  We know now that I am truly a Dopart-Batchelor dog since there is no other place I’d rather be than in the kitchen.  I AM a foodie so it’s a good thing my Mom is a dietitian just in case I start to look like that metabolically challenged kitty a few blogs ago.

photoAs you can see I was trying to steal the dough bowl or at least a lick but I overheard Mom telling Dad dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate – that did not faze me in the least since it smelled SO good.  Mom said I get plenty of treats and these were for humans only but I think I’ve been around long enough to be human, right?

Today I worked with Dad in the garage since he was getting a donation together to drop off at Harvest Home.  This is a wonderful place to help women who are pregnant and do not have a home.  Mom teaches nutrition there and Dad is going to help organize them.  All I care about is I get to go there this year since they have a house dog for me to play with.  Hope you are all having a nice holiday – I’m going to spend the rest of the day eating my bone from Bob’s and listening to holiday music.  I hear I may get to watch a Christmas movie tonight – all I care about is the snacks while we watch it….

Rock ON

You cannot believe how my weekend turned out.  First off Dad has been working a lot so he came home in a grumpy mood but I used my charm on him and we had some good time playing.  Then I heard Auntie Chris was coming over for dinner – ut-oh – that means I’ll have to be in my crate with what seems like forever!  I had a fun time with her and now she says she likes dogs too (Mom says she’s a cat person but maybe I’ll convert her to dogs with enough visits!)

They got home and then I heard Dad call me into the bedroom.  The dreaded crate – again – I already spent 2 hours in it tonight.  But to my surprise he had me get in the “big boy bed.”  Then I heard Mom and him arguing that I could not be trusted out of the crate at night. Thank goodness Dad won the argument and I got to sleep in my new bed – us guys were sticking together.

I slept so sound in my new bed – I could stretch out without getting hit by the sides of the crate since I’m SOOO big now.  Mom and Dad were sleeping soundly too and Dad was snoring and then….I felt this bad pain in my tummy and the big rock I ate yesterday came hurling out.  Mom and Dad looked like they had seen a ghost!  I heard Dad say I could have died.  What do they expect since I have to have something to chew on since my baby teeth are falling out and new ones coming in every day?  Now I have to be watched every moment in the yard too!  So much for independence.

Even with Being Fabulous and Popular I still have a Nemesis

Today with an interesting day.  It first started out with a brisk walk and lots of fetch time all before 9 in the morning.  I thought “WHAT is going on?”  Then I heard the parental units talking about trying to tire me out before my “appointment” at the Doggie Day Care.

I was going to have a behavioral assessment and Dad was wanted me to pass.  We then rode in the car and went to this new place where they had 2 sides:  one for little purse dogs and puppies and one for big dogs.  Dad said to put me with the big dogs since I’m almost 40 pounds and then he left.  I had fun time and then after 2 hours he picked me up.  BUT I did something good since I got an award and was “approved” to come back.  Boy, I sure fooled them.

When I got home I was so proud, strutting my stuff in the yard.  AND then all of a sudden, IT appeared.  That little thing running back and forth on the fence flicking it’s tail and taunting me.  I’m calling that thing PITA….you know pain in the ….

Well, after barking and screaming at the thing it would not move and was beyond frustrating.  Dad said I was not living up to my certificate of good behavior and took me inside since I was becoming his PITA.  Another day, another adventure….

My New Paul Newman’s Scooby Snacks Came

It was a dog day.  Dad took me to the vet to get my almost last set of shots.  Everyone at the vet loves me, especially my cute vet Annie.  I’ll do anything for her.  She took care of Mom’s kitty George for many years so she’s happy to take care of me too!  I tried to get this cute girl to play with me and she just kept ignoring me so I pounced on her and then she ran away – not sure why since I just wanted to be her friend.

I was feeling tired tonight from my shot and the nice people at Paul Newman’s must have known since they sent me this COOL box of treats!  Boy did I score.  I don’t know how they knew but they sent my ABSOLUTE favorites – the peanut butter treats, the Chicken and Rice Snack Sticks (sooo yummy) and some new Organic Dog Food to try.  As a special treat they sent some Chicken and Brown Rice Food.  Mom’s happy about that since she thinks their food is the best…besides the nice ladies Sally and Peggy who work there.  I wanted to eat it all tonight but she only let me have a little and said I have to save some for tomorrow…