I am OUT of Control

Mom and Dad are not so happy with me tonight.  I overheard them saying they can’t wait till I get clipped this Tuesday – not sure what that means but hopefully it’s good.

I am very tall now so nothing is out of my reach.  I even got the bananas tonight which were WAY up on the counter – Dad was not so happy since he eats one a day.

Dad was carefully putting in receipts from the trip today and he had a phone call so I decided to take the opportunity to mess up all his work – he was really mad and called Mom.  His patience is wearing so he had Mom deal with me tonight.  I figured I’d better obey so when I stole the TV remote for the 5th time she told me to drop it and I did.  There are WAY too many rules around here.  I should have the run of the house and I’m big enough now to have it – I just have to get Mom and Dad on board.

I’m such a Healthy Eater

Okay – I have to admit that I eat things I’m not supposed to like dirt, rocks, Dad’s ear plugs, my leash and collar but hey – if they are around so I’m not sure what the big deal is anyway?  Aren’t we a family and share stuff?

But I thought I would make a list of my favorite foods since Mom is proud that I have such a healthy pallette:

1. Vitamins and Fish oil – I know technically not “food” but I live for the morning when Mom gives me these 2 things.
2. Plain Yogurt – Mom did not think I would like this but whenever she eats it I can’t stop myself from begging for some too – so smooth and satisfying besides the probiotics!
3. Peanut butter – I overheard Mom saying this is her favorite food and she used to put some in my Kong to keep me happy but I can’t remember where I hid my Kong so occasionally she gives it to me on a spoon.
4. Bully Sticks – this is one Mom saves for when she really needs me to be good for a few hours – like when she’s writing all her blogs. I can chew, chew, chew for hours with so much taste – it’s amazing!
5. Green Beans and Peas – this is one my Grandpa B introduced me to. I really love all fruits and veggies (except carrots – can’t stand those although Mom has tried a few times to pull one over on me) but these are 2 of my favorites.

I could eat most anything but if any of you are stopping by please bring me a treat – I have such a great nose I’ll never forget it. I can’t send thank-you’s but I’ll lick your hand and try to get in your lap 🙂