Check out my SmartRoller Site!

IMG_2194It is getting darker and colder…but this doesn’t change the fact that I still want to get up early for FOOD!

On a celebrity note I have become the face of the Smartroller so check out MY site!  I am a little backed up with signing autographs as my paws are tired.  I know Mom brags about her friend Stacy and this roller she invented which helps her back, neck, hips but it’s really all about me.  When Mom is not using it I use it to stretch my legs since chasing squirrels can get tiring.

Mom, Dad and I finished up the 1,200 Thanksgiving cards and sent them out. It was fun especially when I got into a few and dragged them into the backyard. So if you are one of the lucky ones with my mark congratulations.

We will be busy for the next few weeks as we are trying to prepare for the holidays. I am starting to understand what this hustle and bustle is all about. We are always on the go.

On that note I would encourage all of you to pick up A Healthy Baker’s Dozen not only as gifts but for yourselves. There are great gluten-free cookie recipes and even a healthy dog recipe for all me fellow canines out there.  Mom has yet to bake me some this year but I know the ingredients are in the house so hopefully soon!

OK, I need to crawl back under the blanket as I am getting a little chilled and I do not want the parentals to try to dress me up with another outfit like Halloween.

On the political front the race continues to ebb and flow and yes Trump’s hair is still there. But what has been more fun to watch is all the stuff about the red cup at Starbucks. I would love to just tear into one.

The fall temp in Santa Monica was a blustery 65 degrees today.  We actually had to turn on the heat tonight – something that has not happened here for many moons!



My First Candy Day

photoI was so excited to find out about “Candy Day.”  I heard from Dad it’s all about love, hearts and romance but who cares about that?  Little did I know that this way over the top commercialized day of showing love would also bring abundance of snacks and delicious treats.

After a long day at day camp, I was excited to receive my own Valentine’s day bag.  My Aunt Stacy at Century City Physical Therapy had given me a bag full of love.  Of course I had to be monitored by the parental units and after just a few morsels the bag was immediately put on top of the refrigerator.

Hmnnn…still trying to figure out how to get up there, but behold one day I will achieve that climb and then nothing will be out of my reach.  OK, back to giving them sad eyes.  Maybe if I am lucky I will have a bedtime scooby snack…