I’m Growing UP

DSC01297Hello People!

Things here on the home front are pretty good. The weather has cooled down to a nice autumn crisp so on our walks we need to move a little more quickly to keep warm. The current temp this weekend is a light, cloudy 73 degrees.

Other fun things on the forefront…Dad and I spent sometime photographing fresh ginger from the Farmer’s Market as you can see from the photo I am slowly but surely becoming a better-behaved dog.  Mom says fresh ginger is good for many things besides just seasoning – it helps GERD (I’m not sure what that is but something to do with stomach issues), and morning sickness which thank goodness I will never have in my lifetime (although I do love pregnant women and babies especially).

Can you believe the door is open and I am not door dashing out like in my youth. Yep- my birthday is coming up and we all cannot believe how much time has gone by and just how quickly the months turn into years.

We have a new RD intern from Italy named Antonella and I cannot wait to meet her next week – Mom says she’s talented, pretty and knows how to cook yummy dishes so I’m all about meeting her!

All in all, thank goodness for a calm week!


I’m in Training to be a Service Dog

photoI’m not all that happy.  There are clothes and suitcases flying everywhere and the land of Perry is being disrupted.  Mom is going to a Menopause conference which does not sound fun AT ALL – who in the world would want to go to conference about ladies having hot flashes and gaining weight?  Somehow she’s excited about it since there are going to people from all over the world talking about Women’s Health.  I think she should go to a conference about Canine Health – right?

Remember it’s all about ME!!

Speaking of ME I was playing a little too hard with the puppies at daycare – they are my favorite since the older dogs are old stick in the muds, and got an owie on my underside.  Dad has been a bit concerned but I should be fine.  I am excited since I get to go to the country again for a few days while Mom is gone and run with the horses.  Santa Monica is fine but not enough land here for my long legs that need running and stretching.  I would be thrilled if I could run a marathon every day since that is what my legs were built for.

Dad says that’s not an option since I would cost him too much food.  He doesn’t ever let me run or walk as fast as I want to on our walks – I think he should learn to run like me but he says his legs were not built for it.  We all know who is the better species here, do we not?

I was happy I got to go the office a few times this week (remember I’m in “training” to be a service dog so one day I can go to work with Mom) and I actually got to help her put away her food for lunches in her little refrigerator.  I was VERY good and got to have my favorite treat – a few squares of cheese.  Remember that is one of my favorite foods besides peanut butter, pumpkin, broccoli, and apples.  I guess that’s why I have such a great physique – all that fresh healthy food.  I supposed I could eat processed food but then my coat wouldn’t shine and I wouldn’t be able to outsmart the parentals as much as I already do.

Anyway, although we had a LITTLE bit of rain this week, it is still a drought and of course a beautiful 68 degrees in Santa Monica.

Until next week people – Perry wishing you a Peaceful Spring!