Paper Trail

FullSizeRender-2Hello People,

I know it has been ages since I have reached out to you all. I have to admit I’ve been more than busy keeping the parentals on their toes. They have been downsizing and going through everything, including my toys. Apparently our house is not in “carry on” shape.

Last week I watched Dad spend 10 hours shredding paper. Mom has been going through files and closets and I have not been receiving the special attentions and affections I so need. This lack of attention has frustrated me so every chance I get I find her shoes and take them outside. Of course my excuse is I want to be close to her.  She hasn’t been so happy searching for her shoes in the mornings.


It is also tax season and that makes it even more stressful. My house has become a flux of paper. Look, they have even taken over MY chair and have resorted to using ME as a shelf.

OK, just wanted to pop into all of your lives for a second and let you know I’m still alive and well.  However, if you want some Perry love please feel free to drop by but leave your papers at home since we have enough here to last a while.



Jingle Bell Land

FullSizeRenderI am SOOOO tired.  This is highly unusual folks but watching all these people running around buying strange colored boxes with odd little strings on them.  It’s strange enough we have this tree in our living room that has tiny attachments I am supposed to just “look at.”  What is that about?

However, I do occasionally do a “lean in” to the tree, which makes Dad goes insane since I  jingle those little things they hid on the tree.  But isn’t there a man who jingles with a red bucket?  I heard about the Salvation Army men who jingle, and I know the parentals are gathering their donations for the less fortunate.

What’s the use of just looking at a tree if you can’t smell it, crunch it or fetch it?  I’m not sure I know what this Christmas thing is all about yet.

It rained really hard this week, and the yard is a swampland.  I guess I better leave the tree alone because I got in enough trouble with bringing in my wet muddy paws all over the floor and sliding on the baseboards which gives Dad extra work.  Maybe Santa will overlook this one time offense.

All I know it’s dark early, I’m hungrier than ever, and maybe I have the holiday blues so please come and visit since guests always cheer me up.  Remember to bring treats since I have been told I am a bottomless pit whatever that means.

By the way, the temperature was a breezy 65 degrees.