About Perry

Hi – I’m Perry! I was born on January 9, 2012 in the wee hours of the morning.  I had 8 other brothers and sisters and we are Weimaraners.  We love to be with our human families and are really velcro dogs as my new Mom and Dad Susan and Jeffrey say.  I love to explore, hunt and find most anything I can to chew on.  I grow quickly and like to be entertained at all times of the day so Susan and Jeffrey are in for lots of new surprises…

If you want to send me an email please bark to:



3 thoughts on “About Perry

  1. Hi Perry! I am your Auntie Amy. I don’t live nearby, but if I did, I’d come by to see you everyday. I’d even help out with taking you for walks and helping you play with your toys. You are so adorable and I love your shiny coat and sparkly blue eyes. Your dad takes excellent pictures of you! You have 2 cousins, Kisses and Lily. Even though they are kitties and not a puppy like you, Lily would love to play with you and cuddle with you at night to keep you nice and warm. I look forward to hearing more about what you learn at school. Welcome to the family and enjoy the bacon!

  2. Perry,

    I have known your mom for a long time and married her best friend Dianne. I finally met your dad a couple of years ago (he is a pretty cool dude so you better listen to him). You have been adopted into an amazing family and you have even more cousins! There is Becky Lou and Maggie, who are both dogs, and Lucky, Shadow, and Tiger Lily, who are cats. We live about 6 hours away but we are looking forward to meeting you in person.

    Uncle Pat

  3. Hi Perry,
    Welcome to the family!! We’re related to you also. We’re your mommy’s mom & dad. We remember how much fun it was to train a puppy. When your mom was about 5 she had a doggie named Sarge & he was “barrels of fun”. It sounds like you are going to pass him by with your antics. Remember now, your mom works hard all day & she needs you to behave & listen. If you’re a good boy & you graduate from Puppy Kindergarten then you can go to first grade or you might get left back like Sarge & get a certificate that you just attended.
    Evie & Joe

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