Holiday Hoopla

Dear World:

What is going on with the traffic?  Dad has been taking and picking me up at daycare every day.  One of my favorite things to do is stick my head out the window and feel the air.  We’ve been in this terrible stop and go traffic and it’s putting a cramp in my wind.

I hear it is this big time of year called the holidays, something I have not experienced before.  I’m kind of liking it because everywhere I go I get a snack.  People are much friendlier with something red on their heads.

Mom is starting to tell Dad to watch our snacking so we don’t end up looking like this metabolically-challenged Amsterdam kitty or get diabetes, this thing Mom is always talking or blogging about.

I’m Tired and I Don’t want to go Outside

I’m tired at night and it’s cold and I don’t want to go outside to go potty so I try to stay on the chair as long as possible before Mom or Dad forces me to get up.

I try to delay halfway down the hall and lay on my back so someone will pet me, feel sorry for me and hopefully sneak back to the chair.  It works only part of the time.




The parental units are a bit distracted right now as it is their wedding anniversary tonight so hopefully I’ll get to stay in the chair longer than usual.  I may need the rest for all the Thanksgiving food I plan to steal over the next few days….

Perry Proof

Both Mom and Dad worked today so I got to go to daycare again – do you see a theme here?  It might be my life for the next 2 weeks till Mom moves into her new office.

All the bottles at day care that help keep everyone clean and fresh have some strange writing on them that has something to do with me.  I’m not sure why but maybe because I love to steal them and make everyone run after me – that IS my favorite past time.  You should see these humans running after me when I steal something – maybe that’s why they call it the “human race?”

It’s Been a LONG Week

And a fun one.  I got to go to puppy camp or daycare as Dad calls it for a few days since Dad had a big job.  I was excited since there were 2 dogs there that looked just like me – imagine that!  I do not know any Weimaraner’s so that was a treat and we played all day till I got picked up.

Mom’s office is almost done and I can’t wait to go visit since, after all, I am in the lease.  Mom said I have to mind my peas and carrots before I’m allowed.  Lori took me for a walk today and gave me a good report card – I’m waiting better, heeling more and in general a better dog.  Mom and Dad had their doubts but something shifted inside me this week and maybe I’m ready to behave more often.  I tend to be a bit moody so it depends on the day but I’m trying to be a good Santa Monica citizen.

Here’s me waiting patiently to go outside so you can see what I’m talking about….

My routine has been disrupted and I’m cold

I’m sorry I have not kept in touch with all of you.  Mom has been at conferences and she said all her energy is spent taking care of me when I’m home so I decided to take a nap this afternoon so she could keep in touch and write for me.

Wow things are crazy right now.  I do not know if they are coming or going.  This office stuff sure is putting a cramp in my run of the house.  There is furniture, lamps and pillows everywhere.  I do love the pillows as on occasion I get a hold of one and tear through the house.  Boy does that get Dad’s boxers in a bunch!  Remember pay back is a pleasure.

Also, it’s been cold here.  I do not like to go outside at all especially in the mornings – unless I am going for a walk.  The parental units do not like this thing called daylight savings?  My normal time for getting up was around 7 AM and now I am wide awake at 6 ready to GO.  Dad has been talking me on long morning walks and I really like it but he’s not all that happy that it is earlier than usual – he likes his sleep-in’s.

Anyway, since it’s been cold I was a little upset that they did not give me the fancy comforter, which is really soft and smells of birds…so I decided to pull the entire thing into my cage and make a bed.  That did not sit well with Dad…but I loved every minute of my playtime. I had a time out while he had to clean up all the feathers – maybe next time I’ll have more fun with it since I am a bird dog after all.