A Long Night..

After a long exhausting day it was time to go to bed.  I did not want to get off my new Dad’s lap but he made me get up and he put me in this metal thing and I was not happy.  This was not like the place I usually sleep in.  He put a warm towel in my bed along with some new toys but I was not happy, and I was going to show them my lung capacity since I thought they would be softies and put me in their bed.

Huh.  I whined and howled hoping to get out but it did not work.  My new Dad took me out of this metal thing I heard was called a crate every hour or so to go potty.  It was cold and wet outside and I did not like it but I would still go potty and then go and sit by Dad.  He would then pick me up and take me to the warm place and put me in the crate.  I whined most of the night and wondered why my new parents looked so tired the next day.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen next maybe I could get used to this new place.  The jury is still out…

Going Home…

My new parents units came to pick me up a week early since my dog Mom was biting me and I was being evicted from the playpen.  I was only 7 weeks old and the car ride home was REALLY scary.

I was in my new Mom’s arms being held tight and I could not see out the window.  After what seemed like forever, I feel asleep.  Then all of a sudden I woke up and knew I needed to pee.  I started to whimper and got excited because because we had stopped.  Then this new being with facial hair I think is my new Dad got frustrated and said something like dang traffic.  Hmn?

Finally we pulled into what my new parents said was home.  I could care less since I needed to pee bad.  My Dad took me in his arms and ran to this lush, green area.  As I was doing my business he said, “go potty, go potty.”  Like I really need a verbal cue.  When you gotta go, you just go.  After that, I went and sat by his leg.  He seemed to think that was cute.  Little does he know my cuteness will be short-lived.  Did I mention this cool yard has so many fun places to explore?

Gosh, I need a nap.  I do miss my brothers and sisters but I am loving this new place and sniffing all the new smells.

It’s been a long day and little do my new parents know but it will be an even LONGER night….

Meeting my New Parents

I was so tired and just wanted to sleep with my brothers in this thing they call a playpen.  Then along comes two odd looking people.  Great.  Another person who wants to touch me and wake me up.

The man has something cool on his face I wanted to chew on and the lady with long curly hair seemed nice.  However, she put me on my back and I heard her saying something about it will be a good dog if he stays on his back.

Little did I know they were trying to see how controlling I would be since I overheard they wanted a “mellow” dog – ha, ha – they don’t know what I pistol I am but they would soon find out.  I sure have them fooled.

They had a few more weeks of reprieve before picking me up and I just wanted to get some zzzz’s…