I’m Taking Charge and Getting my Vitamins

IMG-20130323-00954Things have been sailing along great.  I continue to impress the parental units and believe I have mastered the skill of manipulation.  But hey, I am Perry the super dog who all love and find irresistible.

You all know  I have an aficionado for toilet paper, but my new skill is to get a roll and not destroy it or run with it, but go right up to mom and drop it in front of her feet.  I thought I was going to impress her and get a treat but that did not happen.  I was trying to outsmart her and say  “maybe I am ready for college?”  But no luck. She told me no treats for stealing toilet paper regardless of bringing it and doing the “drop.”  Oh well, maybe next time.

More importantly, since I write this healthy eating puppy blog I do know it is essential to include my daily regime of exercise, good food, nice people, rest and my vitamins.  Can you believe this morning the parental units forgot my vitamins?  I took it upon myself and I went into the kitchen and got the bottle right off the counter and what surprised them the most was that I opened the bottle.   Those big paws come in handy at times!

Finally, I continue to try and be a good boy and daily we work on my service dog training skills.  Today we went to the office to clean up after mom’s open house.  I was fairly good since I like the space.  I cannot wait to be able to go there more and see Mom’s patients.  Maybe I can become the office butler?  Wow knows, but you will be there first to know and I will make sure to tell the patients to exercise, eat healthy like me and take their vitamins!

“Naked” Food?

photoMom went to the Natural Foods Expo West last week and got lots of treats for Dad and finally I got to try one of MY treats.  It’s called “I and love and you” dog food.

What an odd name but all I have to say is I LOVE IT!

It says it’s nude food since it has no additives, preservatives, and the one I tasted was made from grass-fed meat, something Mom is always talking about so I guess now I know why she likes it!  She also told Dad it has no GMO’s whatever that means.

They let me have a free go at it and then took it away – so NOT fair!   I even sat and waited patiently hoping they would notice how good I was being.  Finally Mom noticed gave me some extra since I had already had my dinner.  Why not more?  I can always eat since I’m a foodie.

After all,  I don’t write this healthy eating puppy blog for nothing!  I’m always up for a snack and since Mom only lets me eat healthy treats and food I’m happy when I find one that really suits my fancy and this one sure fit the bill.

Maybe I’ll get to try another of the new treats tomorrow since after all, it is St. Patrick’s Day.  I think I’m too big to go to Aunt Chris’ party this year since I’m about 60 pounds more than last year but maybe Auntie Chris will send some scoobie snacks home for me.

Vacations Over and It’s Back to the Grind

photoI know, I know it has been a long time since I have graced your presence.  This time it’s the parental units’ fault – THEY went to an International Conference on Diabetes in Paris.  I was left, thank goodness in Los Angeles.  Can you imagine me on a plane for 11 hours?  Ouch!  That would definitely cramp my stretching needs.

Apparently Mom learned a lot of new things to help her patients but I don’t care all that much that – she should be going to Dog Conferences since my needs are way more important!

Anyway – while they were gone I got to play with some new friends and go on lots of walks which was pretty cool. But I was very happy to see them make it home.

Apparently I’m not being as good as when they left since I overheard Dad keep saying this is how it must be when kids come back from the grandparent’s house.  Let me tell you they have been on my case to practice all of my sits, stays and lay downs.  They have been way too “military” with me.  If I wanted to be like that I would have enrolled in the Marines.

Life around here has returned to busy with the units working all the time, school and people coming in and out…and that’s why I love the Dopart-Batchelor house.  It’s never a dull moment!