A Letter to My Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad:

I’ having so much fun at Grandma and Grandpa B’s! I’m learning a lot and love the smell here in SLO – it’s so much healthier than the LA smog.

I’m learning so much about nature and here’s my list:

1. We stay away from the creek and ice plant because of the poison oak
2. I now know what a king snake looks like
3. The big white dog who touches noses with me is really a horse-he has other friends in the neighborhood too!
4. People ride horses around here as much as they drive cars
5. Yesterday I met 3 pigs and their 4-H Moms. They are learning how to follow directions for the fair next month – maybe I can go too??

Grandpa was so proud of me. He said I had a very solid point when I observed my first cotton tail. Maybe I’ll be a hunting dog after all rather than a city dog.

I still have my chewing problems, which keeps Grandma and Grandpa very busy. Grandma found out ice cubes seem to help when my teeth are realy bothering me. Hope you are having a nice time. I have been good about taking my vitamins, fish oil and yogurt. Grandma also gives me broccoli and green beans. Can’t wait until you get home. I miss you.



I’m Having SO much fun

Dad left me at Grandma and Grandpa’s this morning and went home without me – not sure if he was mad or just needs a break.  I’m hoping he just needs a break since I do like living in Santa Monica.

After he left I helped Grandma make the beds – I’m not sure she liked it since I could not help myself and chewed on her blankets.  I then went to the laundry room and found my second FAVORITE thing in the world – a big roll of toilet paper called paper towels.  Boy – I was in heaven!  Grandma was finishing up the bed so I pulled it off the washer and shredded it all over the kitchen and family room.  When Grandma came out of the bedroom, somehow it did not faze her and she just handed me a chew toy and quietly picked up the paper towels.

Now I’m outside helping Grandpa clean off the patio.  My Aunt Vickie seems to be warming up to me and maybe she’ll play with me tomorrow.  I’m here 2 weeks so I have lots of time to get her on my good side….

I’m off to Summer Vacation at Grandma and Grandpa B’s

Today was a long day.  Dad packed up the car with all my things – my  2 big boy beds, my crate, my elevated dish and water, a 20 pound bag of food, my treats and biscuits, toys, vitamins and fish oil.  I am going away for 2 weeks and there’s a lot required to take care of me.  I’m going to Grandma and Grandpa B’s since Mom and Dad are going to a conference whatever that is.

I’m supposed to be on my bestest behavior but we’ll have to see about that.  My aunt Vickie lives there and she is a golden retriever and is an old lady so I’m hoping she will play with me.  I’m going to miss Mom and Dad so much but they said they would come back and get me – I’m hoping that’s true since I was wearing Dad out today on the drive.  I went to that town they call SLO before – lots of green grass and fresh air so hopefully I can have LOTS of play time and my lungs will be happy since I’ve been coughing from the smog – you would think I was a smoker but cigarettes were never interesting to me.

Since Mom will be away I’m not sure I will be able to type while she’s gone but check back and see if there is something to report – otherwise I’ll be back in a few weeks.  I love all my fans….

I Make Sure to say my Prayers

Even though I’m a big boy I still say my prayers each day to not get in trouble AGAIN, make sure I don’t have to go to the hospital to have surgery for all those things I eat in the yard, and get my treats…Mom and Dad use those sparingly.

I heard Mom and Dad saying Grandpa B is going to try to break me of my toilet paper theft problem.  Little does he know he’s going to have to watch a lot of bathrooms since toilet paper is my addiction!  I definitely don’t want to be in the dog house on vacation so I’m saying some extra prayers for that!

I’M a STAR and have the Perfect Healthy Lifestyle

Dad went to Uncle Andrew’s house yesterday and look what was up on the wall.  Since I’m a star I thought I would share with you all the things I do right since it seems like this blog is all about my mis-behaving.

Here’s my 10 Best List of Healthy Behaviors:

1.  I was completely potty trained at 8 weeks old

2.  I sleep 10 hours a night without a peep and now on my big boy bed

3.  I can’t get in trouble for bringing everything inside since it is all inside now

4.  I wait patiently with anticipation for  my vitamin and fish oil every day

5.  I make sure to get my exercise every day

6.  I eat my veggies, especially the little crowns

7.  I eat my plain yogurt for probiotics every day

8.  I never complain about the food Mom gives me

9.  Since I’m on my best behavior I get to visit Grandma’s house next week

10. I try to get my fiber every day, even if it is toilet paper

Toilet Paper and a Nap

I’m sneaky and coy – I wait till they are not watching and then I go in the bathroom and steal my FAVORITE toy – toilet paper.  It’s so soft and fun to munch on and tear apart and there’s SOO much of it – I just can’t get enough.  Dad is mad since I destroyed at least 10 rolls in the last 2 weeks.  I overheard him saying he was going to hide it in the drawer.  Has he forgotten I can open drawers?  Hmmm..

After Dad had chased me this afternoon he was really tired of hide and seek so he took a little nap on my bed and I thought I would keep him company.  I guess he has to go to the gym more to keep up with me…and what is up with that farmer tan?

I was JUST trying to help water

This morning was very busy.  Mom and Dad went to the gym to try and get in shape to keep up with me – I’m not sure that is possible but I don’t blame them for wanting to try.

When they got home Mom was trying to make breakfast and Dad was trying to read the paper since I try to prevent that from happening most mornings – remember ALL the attention needs to be on ME!  They were ignoring me so I decided to run outside and help with watering.  When I go outside that usually gets their attention since they don’t want me eating rocks – not sure why (???)

I got the watering thingy and dumped it and ran all over the yard.  They did not flinch so I jumped on the chair.  Somehow this theft did not phase them either.  I guess their age has gotten to them so why go to the gym after all?

I’m the King of the Chairs

Let’s face it – I like to be in charge – in charge of the house, where I sit, and my food.  Mom and Dad think they are in charge but it’s just a figment of their imaginations.  Mom had a long day and Dad was at school so I just decided to consume her entire evening and get into everything.  The highlight of the night was when part of the sheet rock in the ceiling came tumbling down and I tried to eat it.

Mom ran after me to get it and unfortunately caught up with me.  After that she put me in my crate till Dad got home.  I guess we need home repairs but I think I’m eating up the budget with my huge appetite!