72 Hours of CRAZINESS…

photo-3Hello People!

As always I love reporting to you the good, challenging and odd things that I encounter, and here is a report of the last 72 hours of my life.

On Thursday Dad picked me up late from my club and we got home around 6:30.  Of course I was STARVING, but then again I am always hunger, so nothing new here.

For the next 3 hours it was phone calls and problem solving because a transmitter had a problem in our neighborhood and it blew out everything – and that is not even an exaggeration.

photo-2The circuit box was blown, the cable box got fried, other appliances in our home were damaged beyond repair and even the outlets needed fixing. It was so bad that people lost large appliances, and smoke was coming out of their outlets. That happened to us also when the electrician man came to help Dad fix our house.

The next day got even crazier: the computer man had to come, the cable people were here and the electricity man. The cable people had to come two days in a row because we had problems and were cut off from the world.

PEOPLE do you understand the severity? I was NOT able to communicate with all of my fans and that was beyond disappointing.

Finally, we had to go to the office to do some computer work. It was great because I love Mom’s office and I got to see lots of folks, but I did get a little bored as you can see from the photo.

Our associate and Mom’s fellow nutritionist friend Victoria Sonoda was there with her new baby Zade. As you can see Dad was giving that little thing much more attention than me and I admit I was more than a bit jealous. But I know I have the parental units hearts so I had to get over myself.

photoOK, hopefully there will be no more challenges as we are all spent and the holiday weekend seems more like a labor weekend. But we all must remember our most challenging day is perhaps another person’s best day.  I figured that out and dug out the advent calendar tonight and decided to take a nap from my long day.

Please continue to be thoughtful of those serving in the world for our freedom.



PS – it’s been quite warm in Santa Monica and the Weather Weimaraner reports 80 degrees today. Please pray for rain as we are in a drought and soon my yard will be completely brown.


_MG_0877OK, so I have a tendency to be self-absorbed at times and of course I love my own reflection in the mirror. Sometimes the parents catch me looking at myself in the big mirror. Don’t let them know, but I actually enjoy the nose prints I make as this causes Dad to go super crazy and we all know that is a fun adventure to watch.

In all seriousness reflections are a good place to contemplate where we have come from and the direction we are moving in. Life is a series of contemplations and reflections that is how we grow, change, adapt and inevitably survive.

Mom uses reflections with her patients to help them create healthy changes in their lives. Dad uses them when dealing with clients who are stuck with their stuff. I uses them to help me grow and adapt to this thing I call life.

One of the best parts of my life is how I have grown and am becoming a great dog. Yes I still get into trouble and my barking at dogs outside needs to be continually monitored. But I am maturing even to the point of being left outside that crate thing for an hour while they are gone. Granted they still do not leave all rooms accessible to me, which bums me out, but the freedom is awesome.

More importantly freedom allows us choices and liberties to speak freely and voice our opinions. Sort of like me voicing my barking about those dogs who are walking on my sidewalk.

However, with freedom comes a responsibility of being respectful of other’s feeling and boundaries. Also, we should never take for granted our freedom. Some in the world do not have that luxury of voice and choice.

Mom was reflecting how BIG I’ve become and how she would have liked me to stay little just a little longer so this picture is for her..

So reflect and be thankful.

Peace to all!


Road Trip…

photo-2I like road trips just as long as they are not too long and I get lots of breaks to check out the sights along the way. This past weekend Dad and I took a boys trip to SLO to see the grand units and hang out at my club up there Thousand Hills Pet Resort.

It’s a cool place where I can play with other dogs, run outside in the dirt and smell the country air. I have been there before and they take great care of me and the other dogs. I haven’t had the opportunity to stay in one of the “cabin/house” areas for boarding but I am keeping my paws crossed for next time. The best part is I got a bath and came home all fresh with a great mani/pedi. They really know how to hook a pooch up.

That said…the trip did not start out too great. As you may already know I am not really into cats. Unfortunately they remind me of the PITAS in our backyard a little too much and when I see them I cannot help myself. I just go POSTAL!

photoIn the first five minutes of getting to the grandparents I was good until I saw their cat Sassy. Now I have had a few encounters with her before and she always runs and hides quickly. This time she just stayed in the chair and challenged me to a stare down. Dad had me on the leash and was lying on the floor.

I was good but I was not having that kitty win the stare down. She looked a little heavy so I thought I could take her.  She needs Mom’s services but I didn’t feel the need to share that information with her since after all, she is just a cat. I’m not weightist, it’s just that I’m not fond of these creatures so why offer any help?

The next thing I know the cat hissed and I lunged forward with ferocious barking all the while Dad had my leash and I was dragging him and got tangled up. To make matters worse my pride was hurt as that cat got away and she’s not nearly as fast as I am!

Apparently I will not be getting a kitty for Christmas, as I just want to chase and make them run. Not very nice of me I know but those furry creatures make me CRAZY!

All in all it was a good trip since I got to be in the country and escape the big city. However, I really wanted to get home to see Mom. She has been working like a dog (Ha Ha I made a funny) and I wanted to give her some support.

Newsflash….Major stuff going on in the world so please say your prayers for people’s safety. It was a very mild day in Santa Monica, reporting in at a sunny breezy 74 degrees.

OK folks that is all for the Perry report this week!

Peace and Love to all (Mom says I even have to say that for cats so okay – peace to the cats!)


My Busy Week

photo-2Hello People!

This has been one fun busy week with lots of new people involved!

As you are well aware Mom does these Motivational Interviewing workshops but I don’t need motivation so not sure why anyone else would?? The important thing is she’s meeting all these fun people and I got to visit one group this week at Westside Family Health Center. The best part was Dad and I walked there since it’s close to the house, I got my picture taken with all the fun folks AND of course all pets and loves were abundant so no complaints here.

photo-3Next, I got to spend some quality time with my little friend Miami who came over to play and give me more love and attention. It’s been hot so we spent some time hanging out on the cool floor and I hope she comes back soon with her pretty Mom Jennifer. The little people always have more energy than the older parentals so they are always welcome in Casa de Perry.

And finally the parental units had to go to San Bernardino to do another Motivational Interviewing training at weCare, a group of pharmacists helping people with diabetes. Since it was far and they needed a nice place for the day for me for the day, I got to hang out at the Pooch Hotel. It is a really cool with lots of fun people and fellow four-legged friends. They even have a swimming pool but I did not get to go into that room. Maybe next time.

And finally I watched Dad pack up my crate and put it in the car. I overheard them talk about how him and I were going to go up to SLO to visit his parental units for a couple of days. I’m excited about going up the coast but not about the car ride.

The weather has been humid and muggy here in Santa Monica so nothing all that interesting from the Weather Weimaraner today.

Love and till next week,


Mom Teaches Motivational Interviewing at Westside Family Health Center

photoThe weather sure has been odd this past week folks…humid, overcast, not much sun and a little bit of rain. I really do not care as it does not prevent me from my daily walks and craziness. So as usual I remain the center spot light of the summer.

Last week I got to go to the country as the parentals were busy as usual. When are they not busy? I even got to spend a few extra days there as Dad had to do a job in Westlake Village.

However, it looks like my schedule is going to be crazy this week. I get the opportunity to go hang out at Westside Family Health Center, as this is one of Mom’s places where she teaches Motivational Interviewing and they like me so I get to go hang out and see the staff and patients. I cannot wait for all of the attention and affections I will be getting.  They are featured here at Mom’s training but I get to be featured with them for next week’s blog!

AND I get to go try out this new place call the Pooch Hotel because next Saturday the units will be teaching Motivational Interviewing in San Bernardino. No worries people – I love meeting new people and hanging out with new friends.  I do get a little anxious with anything new but I soon get over myself.

photo-2As for the news there is still a lot going on in the world so we need to pray for the safety of people and their families.  I do say my prayers every night before my “sleeps” as Dad says so I can have someone up there watching over me.

It’s a lazy muggy day in Santa Monica and I’m a bit bored so if you have some free time please come and hang out with me and if you have treats make sure to bring those as well!

Love Perry