My Better Report Card

imagejpeg952I’m almost 14 months old and have decided to be a better canine being, although I do have the occasional bouts of being a troublemaker.  Here’s the current report card:

1.  I play nicely at Day Care with all my friends.  Here is one of my favorite friends Kayden who I love hanging out with and it’s pretty cool since when humans see us they take a double look.  He’s a fellow Weimie (can you tell which one is me?) who is a year older than me but I’m BIGGER than him.  I wonder why that is?

2.  I drop things now except for bricks since I know it makes Dad crazy.  He continues to yell “drop it” and today he told me that I would be given up for adoption if I broke my teeth because he refused he have a dog with bad teeth.  Now who is narcissist? He seemed pretty serious about it so I brought it to the door and dropped it for Mom to put away.  I can’t be trusted with bricks.

3.  I have not touched the toilet paper for at least 4 weeks.  Mom is really impressed with that one.

4.  I sleep in my bed all night without a peep.  A few mornings ago Mom had to be up very early for a training and I got up and then went back to bed – boy, that surprised the parental units as I’m usually always up before them.

5.  I get tired by 6 pm and then just lay on “my” chair – the ottoman.  It’s the only one I’m allowed on in the house so I just claim it after dinner.

6.  Stealing the remote controls has dissipated and they now can be left out in plain sight.

Dad says the house is slowly being restored to it’s former state and I heard Mom telling him they can see the light at the end of puppyhood.  What will I do if the puppy blog is done?  I guess I’d have to graduate to an adult blog but I’m not quite sure I’m ready for that.  Auntie Aileen says to give me another year.


My New Favorite Toy

photo-1I don’t talk all that much so I was thrilled when Mom got me a talking toy.  Yes, you heard that right.  It’s called a “Babble Ball.”  The funny thing is Mom did not even know it talked till it she brought it home.

She just thought she was getting some cool blue ball for me.  Boy, was she surprised!!

It’s says all kinds of fun things – like “you’re looking nice big doggy,” “oh you got me,”  “hey what are you doing,” and “oh lucky dog.”

Dad says the voice reminds him of  Cousin Itt on some show he used to watch called The Adam’s Family.

I’m just having fun making it talk and irritating the parental units…and this time they were the ones who started it in the first place.  Boy, are they naive!

My First Candy Day

photoI was so excited to find out about “Candy Day.”  I heard from Dad it’s all about love, hearts and romance but who cares about that?  Little did I know that this way over the top commercialized day of showing love would also bring abundance of snacks and delicious treats.

After a long day at day camp, I was excited to receive my own Valentine’s day bag.  My Aunt Stacy at Century City Physical Therapy had given me a bag full of love.  Of course I had to be monitored by the parental units and after just a few morsels the bag was immediately put on top of the refrigerator.

Hmnnn…still trying to figure out how to get up there, but behold one day I will achieve that climb and then nothing will be out of my reach.  OK, back to giving them sad eyes.  Maybe if I am lucky I will have a bedtime scooby snack…

My Small Encounters

One thing Mom and Dad can’t believe is how much I LOVE children.  I forget I’m a puppy and just act docile and quiet when I’m around them.


This week Dad took me for a walk and we ran into a little boy who was shorter than me and he called me “horsey.”

Can you believe that?  I’m not a horse but I guess some little people think I am.

The big/small visitor I had this week was Grey.  He’s 5 months old so I’m not sure why he just chills in his chair.  At 2 months I was running all around the house – I guess that’s why dogs are more advanced than humans.