Not all that Innocent

Don’t let the sweet innocent look fool you.  I was a terror today, at least according to Mommy.  Both Mom and Dad had to work today and I was not happy about it.  They played with me this morning and Dad worked with me on that silly clicker training but then I heard them saying they had to get their teeth cleaned.  Mom tried to fool me into cleaning mine with peanut butter toothpaste before they left.  I bit the brush and she had a hard time getting it out of my mouth – why do they need to go somewhere special?

Then Mom came home and tried to play with me and I just wanted to bite.  At least she gave me lunch but then she put me in my cage and went to work and left me the longest I’ve ever been left – 4 hours.  I was good and did not even have an accident in my crate BUT I decided to relentlessly pay her back for leaving me.  She tried to make it up to me by taking me on a walk but I really wasn’t all that interested – I just wanted to bite.  I can’t understand why they don’t want me to bite their hands?  It’s so much more interesting than the toys I have…

5 thoughts on “Not all that Innocent

  1. Perry,
    You need to be nice to your mom and dad. Your cousin Maggie use to bite me and it did not make playing fun. Unfortunately puppies can’t go every where their parents go. I wish they could but you just need to be happy, not mad, when your mom and dad come home.
    Uncle Pat

  2. Hi Perry, It’s Sue Ellen, the dog trainer from puppy school. I loved meeting you…You are super cute and very smart! See you next week!

  3. When you come to visit grandma and grandpa we have lots of room for you to run and play. We plan to keep you busy so you won’t want to bite. You are the cutest granddog in the whole world!!!!

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