My Own Video Shoot

photoThus far it has been an excellent weekend. I am carefree and just being able to hang out and relax. Now of course the parental units are working away as usual so I am trying to be on my bestest behavior. Of course we will see how long that lasts.

Anywho…I got a wonderful surprise this morning when I saw Dad getting out all his camera equipment. That usually means it will be a photo shoot and I will get to be part of the activities. Plus if I get bored or do not approve I can cause havoc and that makes him spin out which is always a pleasure to watch.

Then all of a sudden I heard him ask if I was going to be a good Punky and be helpful.

What? I am going to be the talent?

It gets EVEN better since he was shooting product and it was MY FAVORITE PEOPLE, Peanut Butter! Did you hear me? Peanut Butter and a great organic one at that – Koeze’s Sweet Ella Organic Peanut Butter – Mom’s favorite! Normally I’m not allowed to eat that one unless I’m good and she gives me a lick.

photo-2You can tell I have grown up because I followed Dad’s commands and did not take the jar away to eat in privacy. It did take a long time on the set but I was patient because I was not having a spoon full – I had an entire jar just for me. I was in Peanut Butter heaven.

Then after shooting I just wanted to chill because it is really hot here in Southern California. Todays temp in Santa Monica is 83 degrees and rising.

OK, so there you have it for Perry check in.

Be safe, stay out of trouble or at least do not get caught. Apparently I always get caught but I still know I am loved.

Peace out People!

Peanut Butter Punky

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