Time for My Probiotics

Mom eats plain yogurt every morning and I got curious about it.  She told me there were good bugs in it called bacteria for her stomach so I decided I wanted some too.  Since I kept begging for it she finally put some in a bowl and gave it to me and I could NOT stop eating it.

I really like cottage cheese but yogurt is my favorite now.  My tummy was very happy today.

Mom says I’m getting so big and she misses the puppy since I now look like a dog but isn’t that what I’m supposed to be?  Maybe I can’t be Perry puppy anymore.  I’m only 15 1/2 weeks old and growing so fast everyone can hardly believe I’m the same puppy I was a few weeks ago.

2 thoughts on “Time for My Probiotics

  1. Somebody is really spoiled…

    Your cousins, Becky & Maggie, refuse to grow up and will always be puppies.

    Uncle Pat

  2. Mom wishes I was still a puppy. I think I am but I don’t look like one. Mom says she’s afraid of what I’m going to look like 4 weeks from now. My Grandma got me a plaque that says “A spoiled rotten Weimaraner lives here” so I guess she was right

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