It’s SO Cold

photo-1This week was tough – it was SO cold in Santa Monica.  I’ve heard there are much colder places but I prefer the warm – remember I have no hair so it’s a challenge.

I graduated to my big boy bed again after many months and I am being much better about going to bed now.  Dad set up a tent so I’m always covered and warm.

Sometimes in the middle of the night the covers come off and I get cold and wake Mom up to cover me up again.

I love the soft feel of the blankets and Mom doesn’t seem to mind too much since I go right back to sleep.  Now that I’m a year old I am becoming a little better each day – I drop things more quickly, I don’t steal quite as often, and I lounge at night instead of running all over the house.  Don’t I look cute in my tent bed?  I have that silky smooth skin still since Dad gives me all those marrow bones high in protein and iron and Mom continues to give me all my omega 3’s.

My routine has been disrupted and I’m cold

I’m sorry I have not kept in touch with all of you.  Mom has been at conferences and she said all her energy is spent taking care of me when I’m home so I decided to take a nap this afternoon so she could keep in touch and write for me.

Wow things are crazy right now.  I do not know if they are coming or going.  This office stuff sure is putting a cramp in my run of the house.  There is furniture, lamps and pillows everywhere.  I do love the pillows as on occasion I get a hold of one and tear through the house.  Boy does that get Dad’s boxers in a bunch!  Remember pay back is a pleasure.

Also, it’s been cold here.  I do not like to go outside at all especially in the mornings – unless I am going for a walk.  The parental units do not like this thing called daylight savings?  My normal time for getting up was around 7 AM and now I am wide awake at 6 ready to GO.  Dad has been talking me on long morning walks and I really like it but he’s not all that happy that it is earlier than usual – he likes his sleep-in’s.

Anyway, since it’s been cold I was a little upset that they did not give me the fancy comforter, which is really soft and smells of birds…so I decided to pull the entire thing into my cage and make a bed.  That did not sit well with Dad…but I loved every minute of my playtime. I had a time out while he had to clean up all the feathers – maybe next time I’ll have more fun with it since I am a bird dog after all.

I am NOT a Happy Camper

And neither are Mom and Dad.  I overheard Dad say I’m walking around like a drunk teenager.  This stupid thing keeps hitting up against everything and I am NOT happy about having it on.  Mom said she may not survive this but I’m the ONE whose having to deal with a contraption on my head – it’s not fair.  First they cut into my body and now they expect me to wear this hard hat for 10 days!  I can’t run, walk without being on my leash, go potty without being supervised – NO freedom in this house.

I already broke the hat and Dad put some duck tape on it.  Maybe if I break it again I’ll be free for the next 10 days.

I heard Dad ask the vet if there was Valium – not sure if it was for me or for him….S

I’m such a Healthy Eater

Okay – I have to admit that I eat things I’m not supposed to like dirt, rocks, Dad’s ear plugs, my leash and collar but hey – if they are around so I’m not sure what the big deal is anyway?  Aren’t we a family and share stuff?

But I thought I would make a list of my favorite foods since Mom is proud that I have such a healthy pallette:

1. Vitamins and Fish oil – I know technically not “food” but I live for the morning when Mom gives me these 2 things.
2. Plain Yogurt – Mom did not think I would like this but whenever she eats it I can’t stop myself from begging for some too – so smooth and satisfying besides the probiotics!
3. Peanut butter – I overheard Mom saying this is her favorite food and she used to put some in my Kong to keep me happy but I can’t remember where I hid my Kong so occasionally she gives it to me on a spoon.
4. Bully Sticks – this is one Mom saves for when she really needs me to be good for a few hours – like when she’s writing all her blogs. I can chew, chew, chew for hours with so much taste – it’s amazing!
5. Green Beans and Peas – this is one my Grandpa B introduced me to. I really love all fruits and veggies (except carrots – can’t stand those although Mom has tried a few times to pull one over on me) but these are 2 of my favorites.

I could eat most anything but if any of you are stopping by please bring me a treat – I have such a great nose I’ll never forget it. I can’t send thank-you’s but I’ll lick your hand and try to get in your lap 🙂

I’M a STAR and have the Perfect Healthy Lifestyle

Dad went to Uncle Andrew’s house yesterday and look what was up on the wall.  Since I’m a star I thought I would share with you all the things I do right since it seems like this blog is all about my mis-behaving.

Here’s my 10 Best List of Healthy Behaviors:

1.  I was completely potty trained at 8 weeks old

2.  I sleep 10 hours a night without a peep and now on my big boy bed

3.  I can’t get in trouble for bringing everything inside since it is all inside now

4.  I wait patiently with anticipation for  my vitamin and fish oil every day

5.  I make sure to get my exercise every day

6.  I eat my veggies, especially the little crowns

7.  I eat my plain yogurt for probiotics every day

8.  I never complain about the food Mom gives me

9.  Since I’m on my best behavior I get to visit Grandma’s house next week

10. I try to get my fiber every day, even if it is toilet paper

My Morning Puppy Routine

I have my routine – I whine till my Dad gets me out of my cage, then I gently (yeah-right) nudge him into getting me my breakfast, and by that time Mom gets home from the gym.

I try to jump on her  when she walks in the door but somehow she does not care for that type of affection.  I’m just trying to say hello so I don’t know why it bugs her so much?  BUT as soon as she walks in the kitchen I’m PERFECT.  I sit still like a little statue waiting for my vitamin.  Mom thinks they put crack in it since I can’t wait to get it.  She breaks it up into little pieces to dole it out.  Why can’t I have it ALL at once?  One of those unfair things in this household.

She gives me a little drop of fish oil on a spoon and then takes a shower.

I LOVE the shower since I sit under the heat lamp and soak all the warmth in.  And when she gets out I love to lick her toes and legs – lots of warm yummy water.  The rest of my day starts after that but somehow I wish we could repeat the morning ALL DAY LONG…

Perry and Frank


Mom and Dad are really tired so Dad called his photography friend JD to bring over Frank so I could get some of my energy out.  Although Frank is little he is REALLY fast and I loved chasing him around our yard.


Frank was a little shy at first since I’m bigger but he found out everyone is my friend.  I hope his Daddy JD brings him back soon since I loved playing with him.

I wish I could have a play date EVERY day so if you live close to me and have a dog I know it would make my Mom and Dad REALLY happy!

Time for My Probiotics

Mom eats plain yogurt every morning and I got curious about it.  She told me there were good bugs in it called bacteria for her stomach so I decided I wanted some too.  Since I kept begging for it she finally put some in a bowl and gave it to me and I could NOT stop eating it.

I really like cottage cheese but yogurt is my favorite now.  My tummy was very happy today.

Mom says I’m getting so big and she misses the puppy since I now look like a dog but isn’t that what I’m supposed to be?  Maybe I can’t be Perry puppy anymore.  I’m only 15 1/2 weeks old and growing so fast everyone can hardly believe I’m the same puppy I was a few weeks ago.

My New Paul Newman’s Scooby Snacks Came

It was a dog day.  Dad took me to the vet to get my almost last set of shots.  Everyone at the vet loves me, especially my cute vet Annie.  I’ll do anything for her.  She took care of Mom’s kitty George for many years so she’s happy to take care of me too!  I tried to get this cute girl to play with me and she just kept ignoring me so I pounced on her and then she ran away – not sure why since I just wanted to be her friend.

I was feeling tired tonight from my shot and the nice people at Paul Newman’s must have known since they sent me this COOL box of treats!  Boy did I score.  I don’t know how they knew but they sent my ABSOLUTE favorites – the peanut butter treats, the Chicken and Rice Snack Sticks (sooo yummy) and some new Organic Dog Food to try.  As a special treat they sent some Chicken and Brown Rice Food.  Mom’s happy about that since she thinks their food is the best…besides the nice ladies Sally and Peggy who work there.  I wanted to eat it all tonight but she only let me have a little and said I have to save some for tomorrow…

I Try to Balance my Protein and Veggies


I tried to be a vegetarian westside dog but I just couldn’t do it.  Mom gets this BIG box every other Wednesday with lots of yummy fruits and veggies from a man named Ben from Hello Harvest.  He’s really nice and drives this BIG truck from Santa Barbara just to bring us a box and maybe a few other people but I don’t know much about that.



I got into the box this week and ate a few carrots but they were not my favorite.  Dad got frustrated with my trying to chew everything in the house so he bought me this bone – So yummy and he was happy since it took me hours to get all the protein off of it – maybe I’ll get another one soon.