It’s ALMOST Christmas!

It’s getting more interesting around Casa de Perry as we have this large plant in the middle of the living room with lots of interesting things hanging on it. It also glows and I’m fascinated by it all.  However, better than that Dad is cooking up all these fun foods and of course I get to sample MOST of what he cooks – I say most since not all – which I am bummed about but at least the scoobie snacks are more prevalent.

I’ve decided to calm down in my older days and sleep in since it’s been cold – even for Santa Monica. However, I am known as the “heater hog” as I put my face and eyes into whatever is warm. Dad keeps warning me that I’m going to burn my eye sockets out but I don’t think he realizes how us Weims are infallible – at least with respect to most things.

I have this thing on my body that keeps me warm but it’s a pain and I’m not loving it.  I am loving that the parentals have been around more than usual over the holidays and I’ve gotten TWO whole walks a day.  Besides the gentle-leader that I have a distaste for it’s great since people yell out the window of their car how beautiful I am as I prance by.

Hope you all have a Happy Holiday or Hanukkah – whichever you celebrate.  I celebrate all holidays as long as they involve treats.

Love Perry

I Just Want to Eat Breakfast at the Big Table

photoMom and Dad always eat at the breakfast table while I’m made to eat my breakfast in a bowl on the kitchen floor.  It’s really not fair.  I maintain a healthy diet like Mom tells me to – I eat my protein, fruits, veggies and good fats.  Broccoli and mexican guavas are my favorites and I’ll do anything for cheese – especially European Cheese Mom cuts up for her lunches  so why can’t I eat breakfast at the table too?!

This morning while Mom was putting her breakfast together I decided it was finally time to start this tradition so I climbed up into her chair and as you can see I fit just fine.  I was only a little cramped – hence the little bit of sadness in my eyes since the side of the chair was slightly hurting my hip – but not too bad and it was all worth it to be here enjoying the view of what was on the table.

It’s too bad Mom and Dad decided not to get one of those funny looking trees people apparently get at this time of year since I would have had LOTS of fun with those little hanging things.  I found one Dad put out and ran around with it in my mouth – boy did he get mad.

Apparently it was one of Mom’s special Eddie Walker ornaments – I’ll have to be more prepared for those next year since it was put away immediately.  If you have any to share, bring them over but I can’t promise to give them back…