Summer Solstice and Chasing my tail…

photoI have been getting in a little trouble lately.  You see there is this young squirrel and birds in the back yard that taunt me and make me crazy.  The squirrel runs back and forth on the fence, jumping from tree to tree and it makes me a barking mess.

Then those baby birds dive bomb me and really get me going.  So you know I have been really learning the word CRATE.  A dog has to protect the house, but I guess I make too much noise doing it.  I make such a racket that people are avoiding walking in the front of our yard to prevent my protective meltdowns.  Only if they knew my real self  – that I am a huge teddy bear and if someone actually came in the house I would lick their face.

As with all our weeks things just keep getting busier.  I always know things are crazy when I spend more time at my new favorite hangout The Wags.  It is a pretty cool place but we are outside and it does get more than hot.

Mom has been preparing for all of her speaking things.  She is conducting 5 Motivational Speaking trainings over the next 2 months.  Wow!  We are getting the office ready for 2 this week and the other 3 are for the government.   Maybe one day I can go to the White House.

Dad has been working pretty often with his clients in Hollywood.  Even though he was busy shopping in Beverly Hills for one of his clients, he stopped at Sprinkles and got me my very own doggie cupcake.  Can you believe how small it was? I was in heaven since it was so delicious!  Mom said I should have eaten it more mindfully since it was rather expensive but I told her it was only half a bite for me so why bother?

My foot owie is better but I know have some problem growths on my neck so I will need to go back to see Dr. Palmquist.  I so like him but it would be nice to be all better.

OK – this blog is too long and I have to get going and patrol the yard.  I don’t want that squirrel or his bird friends to take it over.


4 thoughts on “Summer Solstice and Chasing my tail…

  1. Hey Perry! This is your cuz Maggie. Dad is busy watching a car race and I swiped his tablet. I know how you feel about the squirrels. We have one who likes to sneak through our yard. I have herded him several times up the plum tree or fence. Every time I go out to patrol the backyard I have to check to make sure he has not tried to get back in. I’m always being told I bark too much but I’m a Australian Shepherd…what do they expect me to do? They don’t get it. I’m protecting my territory. I tell you, these parental units can be kind of clueless sometimes. I say, go bark at the squirrels. They deserve it. Maggie

  2. Thanks Maggie – I really appreciate your support on this one area! I still can’t wait to meet you – Mom says to ask your Mom and Dad if they have a weekend in August to meet up with all of us in SLO – let me know and I’ll pass along and bring treats for you!

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