Play date and Training with Brinkley and Rita


It was a big day today.  Yesterday I was naughty and getting into everything or as Mom calls it I had a “witching” day.  Today I was being pretty good but Mom decided to take me over to Auntie Patsy’s house for some training and play time.


Rita and Brinkley are older than me and are role models for how to be good in this thing they call life.


Brinkley was trying to teach me not to bite and I finally gave in and let him be the leader.


When we got home Dad tried to work with getting me to “come” with lead training  (as you can see he’s not very capable of controlling the training because I thought it was fun getting all tangled up.)  What is it with all this training?  Why can’t they just let me bite, and come when I want to?


So many rules around this Dopart-Batchelor household.  Dad says he’s trying to get me in good shape before I need to travel to Grandma and Grandpa Batchelor’s house so I can be on my bestest behavior and come back for multiple visits.

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