My Unconventional Snacks

If you want to know what I’ve been doing lately,  just take a look at the pile Dad is collecting of the things I sneak into the house.  I have actually picked up each and every one of these items and brought them into the house in the last week.  I’m not very happy with Dad right now since he’s put MY stuff out of reach on top of the water heater outside.  However, I found a new thing to do and it’s even more fun to watch my parental units go crazy when I can reach up and take things off the kitchen counter.

The ultimate fun I had was when Dad caught me standing on top of the patio table.  It was awesome because I got an ink pen and chewed that up inside getting blue ink on some house things.

However, they are still trying to make me a show dog.  Here’s the latest – my entry in eating Mountain High Yogurt (see page 6) my FAVORITE food of all time.  I love my morning yogurt.  Mom thinks it’s odd that I like the same breakfast food she eats but the apple does not fall far from the tree…

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