Even with Being Fabulous and Popular I still have a Nemesis

Today with an interesting day.  It first started out with a brisk walk and lots of fetch time all before 9 in the morning.  I thought “WHAT is going on?”  Then I heard the parental units talking about trying to tire me out before my “appointment” at the Doggie Day Care.

I was going to have a behavioral assessment and Dad was wanted me to pass.  We then rode in the car and went to this new place where they had 2 sides:  one for little purse dogs and puppies and one for big dogs.  Dad said to put me with the big dogs since I’m almost 40 pounds and then he left.  I had fun time and then after 2 hours he picked me up.  BUT I did something good since I got an award and was “approved” to come back.  Boy, I sure fooled them.

When I got home I was so proud, strutting my stuff in the yard.  AND then all of a sudden, IT appeared.  That little thing running back and forth on the fence flicking it’s tail and taunting me.  I’m calling that thing PITA….you know pain in the ….

Well, after barking and screaming at the thing it would not move and was beyond frustrating.  Dad said I was not living up to my certificate of good behavior and took me inside since I was becoming his PITA.  Another day, another adventure….

2 thoughts on “Even with Being Fabulous and Popular I still have a Nemesis

  1. Perry,
    Are you sure you’re not an Australian Shepherd? You sound a lot like your cousin Maggie…
    Uncle Pat

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