My Report Card

Last week was really fun.  I got to go to Doggie Day Camp a few extra days since Dad was really busy with getting Mom’s new office lease together.  I love the nice lady Francine who works there – she’s my side kick and helps keep me focused.

I guess I have to behave better since Dad got special permission for me to be at Mom’s new office, since after all,  I am supposed to be a service dog.  I do know how to wait at the door before going out.  I’m much better at coming when I’m called – especially if there is a treat involved.  My current favorite treat is Paul Newman’s Salmon and Sweet Potato.  Mom always gets me to come in if I get home of those.

I am really good when Dad gives me a bath.  I like going in my crate at night, and Mom covers me up with a blanket since I get really cold.  After all, I don’t have one of those high maintenance coats to keep me warm.  I guess that’s why I need so much exercise.  Good thing I don’t live in New York….

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